Sleepless Skies’ “I Have To Let You Go” Release on Elevation London

Sleepless Skies
Sleepless Skies

Sleepless Skies most recent song, “I Have To Let You Go” is out on the well-known Elevation London label.

The first version of “I Have To Let You Go” has a soft, dreamy sound that makes you feel like you’re floating through the clouds at dusk. The cool and soothing chords wash over your senses, and the smooth beats lead you on your way. The angelic lines that run through the track make it feel calm and peaceful, perfect for deep reflection. As the song goes on, the delicate interplay of flute harmonies and dreamy female singing adds layers of depth and emotion, making you feel both longing and free.

Not only that, but the release doesn’t end there. Marksman, the boss of Elevation London, adds a remix that goes even deeper into the musical cliff. Marksman adds hypnotic techno synth lines and minimal beats to the remix while keeping the original’s main musical theme. As a result, there is a mesmerizing mix of melody and rhythm. Each note echoes in the mind, drawing listeners into a dance of sound and feeling.

This exciting release is being run by Sleepless Skies, who also runs the Night Visions label. With each piece, he creates a journey to another world that goes beyond limits and encourages listeners to experience the unknown areas of sound and emotion.