Marksman, Hex & Solstice, 08 Orbit team up for ‘Until I See You Again’

The release on Marksman label includes also the SEIZMIC and TJ Lawton remix

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Marksman, Hex & Solstice, and 08 Orbit worked together to make a gem called “Until I See You Again.” It is in the dynamic genre of progressive melodic house. This dreamy track really shows how powerful musical synergy can be.

Until I See You Again” leads you into a mesmerizing soundscape with groovy drums and echoing basslines. They support the uplifting synths that pull you up into the sky. The end result is well-thought-out music that draws the listener in from the first beat and leads them into a world of melodic reflection.

Hex & Solstice’s raw and emotional voices are at the heart of this musical journey. Their voices blend with the music, making them the track’s heart and soul. The words tell a sad story of separation and longing. It is similar to how everyone feels when they have to say goodbye to a loved one. The emotional tale gives the piece more depth, turning it from a simple track into an emotional journey driven by a story.

The Remix by Seizmic

The journey doesn’t end with the original mix; the skilled Seizmic gives “Until I See You Again” a new sound. Seizmic adds something new to the track. He is known for making hard-hitting music that is ready for the club. The powerful melodic techno parts in his remix add even more intensity to a piece that was already very emotional. The fact that the original piece can be rethought and changed while still keeping its emotional core shows how flexible it is.

TJ Lawton remix

Adding another layer to the multifaceted remix landscape of “Until I See You Again,” TJ Lawton steps into the scene.

He presents a wonky club-ready interpretation that defies expectations.

Known for his innovative approach to electronic music, Lawton transforms the original track into a sonic journey that is both exceptionally trippy and undeniably banging.

With a keen sense of experimentation, Lawton’s remix takes the listener on a twisted ride through unconventional beats and mind-bending soundscapes.