RODDY LIMA and Spect3r team up on “Lie To Me”

Roddy Lima
Roddy Lima

RODDY LIMA and Spect3r present “Lie To Me,” a Tech House track with catchy beats and lively sounds.

The exciting partnership between RODDY LIMA and Spect3r, which led to the release of “Lie To Me,” explores the pulsating edges of Tech House. The two offer a sound experience that goes beyond what you might expect by getting lost in the catchy beats and shifting textures of Tech House. The tune came out on the well-known IN/ROTATION label, Insomniac Records.

RODDY LIMA, a rising star in the electronic scene, and Spect3r, a producer known for his unique sound experiments, work together to make a track that not only embodies Tech House but also takes it to a whole new level. Both artists have a history of interesting shows and unique productions, and they each bring something different to “Lie To Me.”

The song features pulsing beats, catchy rhythms, and other sounds that describe the Tech House genre. RODDY and Spect3r’s ability to combine different styles into one unique mix of electronic energy and catchy grooves is shown in “Lie To Me.”

Lie To Me” stands out for its pulsating beats, dynamic textures, and innovative blend of styles. RODDY LIMA and Spect3r’s collaboration pushes the boundaries of Tech House, showcasing their prowess as cutting-edge artists within the electronic music scene.