Carl Cox debuts on the digital world with ‘Intermundium’

Intermundium: Carl Cox’s digital debut in Sensorium Galaxy

Intermundium: Carl Cox’s digital debut in Sensorium Galaxy
Intermundium: Carl Cox’s digital debut in Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium proudly presents Carl Cox‘s first Sensorium Galaxy virtual show. The unique 30-minute concert, showcasing Carl’s songs, will air on Friday, October 27, at 7 p.m. GMT.

Music and technology aficionados worldwide can enjoy this engaging experience for free. The show, Intermundium, promises to be another digital performance.

I’ve always been about pushing boundaries, sharing the love of music, and enhancing electronic music culture. I truly understood what was possible when I first saw my avatar and literally did a double-take! I thought, ‘This is now a reality – or should I say virtual reality?’ It has been really interesting to see things develop to the point where I can share my experiences with like-minded individuals anywhere on Earth – or beyond! – Carl Cox

Carl Cox is a legend in electronic music. He has led the global dance music industry from his roots in acid house and techno. His influence is unmatched, from three-deck wizardry to techno classics like ‘F.A.C.T.‘ and ‘Electronic Generations‘ Carl’s label ownership, production, and remixing, in addition to his DJing and hybrid live performances, help develop new talent and cement his place in dance music’s history. Sensorium Galaxy was thrilled to have Carl Cox lead this breakthrough project, inspired by his legacy.

Building on the Uncanny Valley hypothesis, we began the show with a deep exploration into how much we could blur the lines between reality and the digital realm, between genuine human beings and lifelike avatars, and between tangible and virtual artistry. Facing a blank canvas, we asked ourselves: How much is needed to make one believe the virtual is real? In this context, Intermundium becomes an immersive trip into uncharted digital territories, infused with mystical nuances, fantastical elements, and extraterrestrial perspectives. We believe this performance will captivate fans, offering a novel way to engage with music, enriched by visual and emotional dimensions. This show is an experiment, a joint exploration between us and Carl Cox. We aim to understand the possibility of transferring the energies of both the artist and a live dance floor into a virtual environment. Doing this with Carl Cox as an inspiration has helped us take that bold first step. – Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO and Art Director of Sensorium

Sensorium Galaxy is a metaverse of distinct virtual worlds that evolve. PRISM is Sensorium Galaxy’s electronic music hub, where real-life and virtual DJs perform continuously.

The show highlights PRISM as an unusual site by highlighting its essential attributes. The digital Carl Cox uses this to create visual effects that are impossible in real life.

He uses his tech-house beats to control the valley of PRISM’s extraordinary surroundings, from erupting volcanic streams to massive, futuristic structures of an extraterrestrial concert module, inspiring virtual inhabitants and show guests to dance endlessly.

I’ve always tried to make sure that partners, be they real-world promoters, labels, venues or as is the case now, technology pioneers, understand that to me, it is about bringing spaces and dancefloors to life by adding to the experience, sometimes guiding it but never dictating how people should enjoy themselves and removing as many barriers as possible to bring everyone together. Sensorium understood this and agreed to make my performance freely available with no paid tickets, to anyone who wants to participate – Carl Cox

Intermundium’s international debut will be free on Sensorium Galaxy Website (2D Stream), YouTube, App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

In an exciting cooperation with PICO, the immersive VR-360 edition of Intermundium will be available exclusively on the PICO Store for a month, providing an unmatched viewing experience. The show will also air on Sensorium’s TikTok Live (2D Stream) at the premiere.

Before the Premiere on Friday, October 27 at 7 p.m. GMT, Sensorium Galaxy’s website will disclose more platforms, including VR platforms.