Tim Engelhardt Launches New Music Label LIFEFORMS

The goal of this new imprint, LIFEFORMS, a collaboration with Nicolas Pinto is to Empower Artists Through Innovative Technologies

Tim Engelhardt LIFEFORMS
Tim Engelhardt LIFEFORMS

Artist Tim Engelhardt teams up with scientist Nicolas Pinto for the launch of a new music label, LIFEFORMS.

Over the course of his distinguished, decade-long career, Tim Engelhardt has served the electronic music world with an exquisite collection of chart-topping club singles and critically praised leftfield releases.

The fast-rising German native now announces the launch of his very own music label LIFEFORMS. The label is a collaborative initiative with US-based French scientist and producer Dr. Nicolas Pinto that aims to empower artists through innovative technologies.

What’s LIFEFORMS, Tim Engelhardt’s new project

LIFEFORMS’ purpose is to give artists a dynamic platform for real self-expression, not just as a record label, but as a creative playground.

Artists will not only create their own auditory narratives here, but they will also get expertise and access to cutting-edge technologies that will help them on their artistic travels.

While embracing cutting-edge technologies, the imprint is committed to ensuring that soulful, creative music takes center stage.

LIFEFORMS seeks to play a crucial part in the growth of artists’ careers by providing them with direction and tools like AI, blockchain, and other innovative technologies to fully explore their craft in the most forward-thinking way possible.

Tim launches LIFEFORMS‘ collection with Wide Awake. They’re a spectacular new Indie Dance cut that comes today alongside a more dancefloor-leaning Club Version, cementing the label’s premise of authenticity and growth.

This chugging, undeniably cool record, out now, welcomes the beautiful vocal abilities of German singer-songwriter Jyll (Sommersville, Armada, YION) and thoroughly defines the label’s varied, eclectic spirit. Tim’s debut CD for LIFEFORMS demonstrates both deep artistry and great technical proficiency, combining his vast grasp of harmonies and melodic structures with his aptitude for genre cross-pollination.

Tim Engelhardt talks about the launch of LIFEFORMS

I’m excited to collaborate with Nicolas Pinto, who shares my enthusiasm for tech and music, on this label and deliver unique releases and experiences. LIFEFORMS is the culmination of years of dedicated work, with our journey beginning last year as we meticulously curated tracks. Our vision for LIFEFORMS extends beyond a label; it’s a dynamic platform. It’s a place to unveil new music, foster collaboration, nurture emerging artists and empower them to explore the possibilities of tech-driven creativity.

Musically, LIFEFORMS promises a diverse tapestry of genres. However, at our core, a distinct sonic identity will always be woven through every release. Our excitement stems from the opportunity to spotlight some of the most talented artists within our scene, while also embarking on a journey to discover new and captivating voices.”

The person behind GenAI NFT launch comments

Dr. Nicolas Pinto – who was instrumental in masterminding the GenAI NFT launch of Dixon and Âme’s Innervisions’ 100th release all the way back in 2021 – added about Tim Engelhardt’s LIFEFORMS launch:

Music has always been a fascinating universal language to my soul that somehow effortlessly transcends cultural boundaries, and I believe technology to be its modern instrument. In this symphony of art and tech, Tim Engelhardt and I found harmony at the intersection of our passions. After years of working together on various fronts, I’m excited to announce the launch of our label: LIFEFORMS.

At LIFEFORMS, we believe in music’s ability to unite us, and technology’s ability to augment and elevate creative expression. Our mission is clear: to provide artists with a playground for their imagination, where they can not only craft their music but also learn to wield the tools that empower their autonomy. Music takes the lead, but we’ll tastefully infuse it with the deep tech expertise that we bring to the table.