Maga & Tim Engelhardt
Maga & Tim Engelhardt

Maga & Tim Engelhardt Team Up for ‘Around’

The latest collaboration between Maga and Tim Engelhardt is the single “Around.” The song is a blend of mind-warping synthesizers, soulful vocals, and strong bass hooks.

After the success of their most recent collaboration, “Lev,” in September, Maga and Tim Engelhardt are back with their second release on the label. The much-anticipated new single is out now. It’s the first public release on Scenarios this year, following a string of well-reviewed drops in 2023. The two besides being label mates on the Scenarios label are also old friends.


For their latest dancefloor hit, “Around,” Maga and Engelhardt use their wide range of sounds to create an irresistible mix of mind-warping synthesizers, soulful vocals, and strong bass hooks that set off an enticing story right away. Over the course of its seven-minute length, the record takes listeners on an engrossing trip. Its compelling spirit digs deep into the subconscious, as the two producers work together on another euphoric peak-time anthem.

Maga and Tim Engelhardt

Before “Around,” Maga’s first song of 2024, “Love Accelerator” (with Emanuel Satie), came out on the Tel Aviv-based label Frau Blau at the end of January. Scenarios was started by Maga, Sean Doron, Emanuel Satie, and Tim Engelhardt in April 2022. This is Maga’s newest single, which was played to great reviews on a historic tour of Brazil and at EDC Mexico this past weekend. It’s just one of many new songs that the Frenchman has planned for this year, which looks like it will be his busiest year yet.

With a record that goes back almost a decade, Tim Engelhardt has become a legend in the scene, captivating fans all over the world with his own unique brand of melodic house and techno. The German native has created his own unique sound as the founder and label boss of the newly launched LIFEFORMS imprint and through his ongoing work with the Scenarios collective. His dedication to quality and authenticity has earned him praise from music experts, critics, and other artists in the same field.

The label: Scenarios

Scenarios was founded in 2022 as an artist group, label, and events brand. In the past two years, their smart, expertly crafted productions and instantly recognizable sound palettes have taken the electronic music world by storm. The group is known all over the world for their unique underground energy and amazing international highlight events. They have created their own deep and melodic sound that is both organic and ethereal.