Tomorrowland 2022 festival area drone pic
Tomorrowland 2022 festival area drone pic

Tomorrowland can continue to use De Schorre for the next 66 years

The Antwerp Province has signed a long-term arrangement with the Tomorrowland event in De Schorre, allowing the festival to use the historic park for the next 66 years.

Antwerp and the Provincial Recreational Domain De Schorre have signed a new agreement with BV. The deal ensures the continued existence of the Tomorrowland festival in De Schorre.

The fruitful collaboration of the last two decades will be maintained, and new agreements for the future will be formed.

WAOW will be able to invest more in the development and beautification of the domain, and the province will be able to take De Schorre’s recreational activities to the next level. BV, Tomorrowland and De Schorre BV (abbreviated WAOW) has been hosting the popular Tomorrowland event in the Provincial Recreational Domain De Schorre since 2005. This dance festival has brought international attention and great economic value to De Schorre, the Rupel region, and, by extension, the whole of Flanders throughout its 20 years of existence. This festival attracted 400,000 people over two days in 2023.

WAOW and the province have both made significant investments in the domain over the years.

The daily visitor to De Schorre can admire outstanding works of art such as Arne Quinze’s One World bridge, Thomas Dambo’s trolls, and the recently installed Stairway to Unity mosaic staircase.

Tomorrowland 2022 The Stairway To Unity
Tomorrowland 2022 The Stairway To Unity

We have made De Schorre our home for the past 20 years. De Schorre has been transformed from a clay pit into a magnificent site over the years.

De Schorre has become a beautiful park that is a terrific destination for people who come for a stroll or cycle all year round thanks to the combined vision and management plan with the province of Antwerp and the annual investments.

Meanwhile, the “Stairway to Unity” mosaic staircase, the One World Bridge, the 7 Trolls, and several squares and comfortable spaces have been built to the natural slopes.

We intend to continue investing in the coming years in order to make the domain even more distinctive.

With this new agreement, we not only ensure the future of the Tomorrowland festival, but we also provide a unique park experience for young and old, local residents and other visitors throughout the year. – Michiel and Manu Beers of Tomorrowland

But there are also cozy places with greenery and trees, more benches, and pleasant strolling trails.

There is a great emphasis on water conservation and the cultivation of native flora.

Roads and squares were built, as well as a large electrical, telecommunications, and fiber optic network.

Other event organizers are likewise appreciative of this.

De Schorre grew from a clay pit to an accessible landscape park that draws recreationists and tourists all year round, owing in part to WAOW.

In turn, the Tomorrowland event was able to grow, gain a lot of support, and create an increasingly well-developed festival experience.

Securing long-term collaboration between Tomorrowland and De Schorre

The new agreement establishes a solid foundation for the province of Antwerp, De Schorre, and WAOW to continue their fruitful collaboration in the long term.

WAOW is certain that it will be able to use De Schorre as a festival venue every year for the next 66 years, and that it will be able to invest in the domain in a commercially responsible manner.

The province and De Schorre secure revenue that will be utilized to further develop the property into a publicly accessible recreational domain.

Clear agreements have been reached on the upkeep of WAOW’s investments and the entire domain.- Mireille Colson, deputy responsible for Green and Recreational Domains