Cercle Moments – Luxury Travel Experiences Merging Music and Culture

Cercle Unveils Luxe "Cercle Moments" in France, Turkey and Brazil

Cercle Moments 2024

The pioneers of live-streaming DJ performances from stunning locations around the world are taking their concept to the next level. Cercle has just unveiled “Cercle Moments” – ultra-premium multi-day travel packages that fully immerse guests in the music, culture, gastronomy, and natural wonders of iconic destinations.

If you’ve ever watched one of Cercle’s breathtaking live streams, like the desert aired of Thal Ahmar or the set among the ancient ruins of Thessaloniki, you’ve probably daydreamed about being there in person. With Cercle Moments, those dreams can become reality in the most luxurious way possible.

These are not your typical music festivals or events. Cercle Moments are carefully curated, all-inclusive voyages that blend exclusive musical performances with opportunities to deeply explore the local heritage, cuisine, art, and landscapes of each hand-picked locale. It’s a new frontier in experiential travel.

The first three Cercle Moments destinations transport guests to iconic settings in France, Turkey and Brazil:

  • French Riviera: This 5-day journey along the Côte d’Azur includes sailing the turquoise Calanques on a private catamaran, vineyard tours and tastings at Château La Coste, contemporary art exhibits, and beachside parties – all anchored by luxurious stays at 5-star hotels like the InterContinental Hotel Dieu.
  • Cappadocia: Experience the magic of this otherworldly Turkish region with a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the “fairy chimneys,” cave hotel accommodations, guided tours of underground cities, and an intimate music party inside an iconic valley – complemented by adventurous activities like horseback riding and jeep safaris.
  • O Ritmo do Rio: After kicking things off with a yacht party in Rio’s bay, this Brazilian adventure heads to the secluded tropical islands of Angra dos Reis for beachside music events, snorkeling excursions, and stays at the ultra-luxurious Fasano Rio de Janeiro and Fasano Angra dos Reis hotels.

French Riviera Cercle Moment

Transport yourself to the sun-drenched playground of the French Riviera. This will be a 5-day celebration of Mediterranean luxury. Your home base is in Marseille at the 5-star InterContinental Hotel Dieu. But the real indulgences begin with an intimate DJ party on Degaby Island. You’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of the sea and city skyline.

Other highlights include sailing the turquoise waters of the Calanques National Park on a private catamaran, complete with live DJ beats and French cuisine. Oenophiles will revel in a full day at Château La Coste, featuring vineyard tours, tastings, contemporary art exhibits, and a closing night stay at the esteemed wine estate’s luxury accommodations.

Throughout, you’ll experience the region’s renowned gastronomy. It includes seaside cafes to a special “surprise” day event filled with music, art, and celebration.

Cappadocia Cercle Moment

For an otherworldly travel experience, head to the ethereal “land of beautiful horses” – Cappadocia, Turkey. This 4-day journey whisks you to the heart of this geological wonderland of conical rock formations and subterranean cities carved into ancient volcanic ash.

Soar above the unique fairy chimneys and valleys during a sunrise hot air balloon ride, explore underground cities and cave monasteries with private guides, and even gallop across the valleys on horseback or aboard a quad bike for more thrills. Your luxury accommodations are the cave-sculpted rooms of Aza Cave Hotel, set in an iconic Cappadocian landscape.

The crowning experiences are immersive music and cultural events, from an intimate garden party at the hotel to a traditional Turkish dinner and performance under the starry skies of the iconic Kings Valley. It’s a magical confluence of natural grandeur, ancient heritage, and modern music.

O Ritmo do Rio Cercle Moment

Pulsing with an irresistible Brazilian beat, this 5-day oceanic odyssey kicks off amid the iconic beaches and samba energy of Rio de Janeiro before whisking you away to the secluded tropical paradise of Angra dos Reis.

After toasting your arrival with a sunset yacht party in Rio’s picturesque bay, you’ll have your pick of aerial sightseeing via helicopter or paragliding over Rio’s famous peaks and coastline. Or indulge in spa treatments at your home base, the ultra-luxe Fasano Rio de Janeiro.

Then it’s on to Angra dos Reis and the idyllic Fasano resort there, where days are spent island-hopping around the emerald coves, snorkeling among vibrant marine life, and grooving to live DJ sets on endless white-sand beaches. It’s an intoxicating celebration of sun, sea, samba-fueled rhythms and the laid-back spirit of Brazil’s vibrant costas.

With Michelin-starred culinary experiences, first-class hospitality, insider cultural tours, and of course, exclusive live performances by world-class DJs in jaw-dropping venues, Cercle Moments represents the height of contemporary experiential luxury travel.

Prices start around €4,000 per person, securing your place on these limited-capacity journeys. It’s not just a musical escape, but an unforgettable exploration of the world’s most inspiring places that you’ll never experience through a screen. Cercle is showing you can still discover new depths of wanderlust in the 21st century.