Miami’s Pre-Party Haven: 5 Best Places to Relax Before Ultra

Discover Miami's hidden gems and local favorites for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience before the party starts at Ultra Miami 2023

Miami Ocean Drive by Marc Fanelli-Isla via Unsplash
Miami Ocean Drive by Marc Fanelli-Isla via Unsplash

Miami is known for its vibrant nightlife and party scene, and there’s no bigger celebration than the annual Ultra Music Festival. But before the festival frenzy begins, it’s important to take some time to relax and recharge for the upcoming party marathon.

Luckily, Miami has a plethora of hidden gems and local favorites where you can unwind and chill before the Ultra festivities kick off. Whether you’re looking for a serene beach escape, a peaceful park to lounge in, or a luxurious spa day, Miami has it all.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 5 best places to chill and relax before the Ultra Music Festival 2023, giving you the chance to start the weekend feeling refreshed and ready to party.

1. Bayfront Park

Enjoy the relaxation of Bayfront Park before the party starts

Bayfront Park is a green oasis located in the heart of Downtown Miami and is an ideal place to kick off your Ultra Miami experience. Start by taking a leisurely stroll through the park’s lush greenery, taking in the stunning views of Biscayne Bay and the bustling harbor. Find a quiet spot to sit and relax on one of the park benches, and watch the boats go by. Not only will this give you a chance to recharge, but you can also get a sneak peek of the ongoing construction for the Ultra Music Festival. It’s always exciting to see the festival grounds taking shape and imagine the incredible performances that will take place there. Bayfront Park is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, so make sure to arrive early to secure a prime spot to chill out and enjoy the views.

2. Virginia Key Beach Park

Relax and Unwind in Paradise: Virginia Key Beach Park before Ultra Miami

If you’re looking for a more secluded and serene spot to unwind before Ultra Miami, Virginia Key Beach Park is the perfect destination. Located on an island just off the coast of Miami, this beautiful park is surrounded by crystal-clear waters and stunning natural landscapes.  The park boasts miles of pristine sandy beaches, perfect for lounging in the sun or taking a refreshing swim in the ocean. What’s more, Virginia Key Beach Park has a rich history and was once a segregated beach during the Jim Crow era. Today, the park is a symbol of Miami’s diversity and inclusivity.

If you attended Ultra Miami in 2019, you may have already experienced the festival at Virginia Key Beach Park. However, even if you’ve been to the park before, returning for a pre-Ultra chill session is an entirely new experience. Take in the breathtaking views of the Miami skyline from the beach, or wander through the park’s winding trails and discover its hidden nooks and crannies. Virginia Key Beach Park is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Miami and a great place to rejuvenate before the excitement of Ultra Miami begins.

Miami is home to some of the most luxurious and relaxing spas in the world, making it the perfect destination for a spa day before the excitement of Ultra Miami begins. Whether you’re in the mood for a deep tissue massage or a rejuvenating facial, Miami’s world-renowned spas have everything you need to unwind and recharge.

Virginia Key Beach Park
Virginia Key Beach Park

3. Mandarin Oriental Spa and Tierra Santa Healing House

Pamper Yourself in Paradise: Enjoy a Luxurious Spa Day in Miami Before Ultra Miami

The Mandarin Oriental Spa is one of the city’s most luxurious spas, located on the stunning Brickell Key. The spa features a variety of treatments, including traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, as well as a tranquil meditation room and a beautiful waterfront infinity pool. Another popular spa is the Spa at the Four Seasons, located in the heart of Miami Beach. The spa offers a wide range of treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, all in a serene and luxurious setting.

If you’re looking for a more unique and holistic spa experience, the Tierra Santa Healing House at the Faena Hotel is a perfect choice. This spa combines ancient South American healing techniques with modern therapies to create a truly transformative experience. From crystal healing and sound therapy to plant-based treatments and shamanic rituals, the Tierra Santa Healing House offers a variety of unique and immersive spa experiences.

No matter which spa you choose, a day of pampering and relaxation is the perfect way to recharge and prepare for the excitement of Ultra Miami. So why not treat yourself to a day of indulgence and luxury before the festival frenzy begins?

Tierra Santa Healing House SPA
Tierra Santa Healing House SPA

4. Wynwood

Immerse Yourself in Miami’s Vibrant Street Art Culture: Visit the Wynwood Walls Before Ultra Miami

The Wynwood Walls is a must-visit destination in Miami for art lovers and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant street art culture. Located in the Wynwood neighborhood, the outdoor art exhibit features the work of over 50 renowned street artists from around the world, with colorful and bold murals covering the walls of buildings throughout the area.

The Wynwood Walls were created in 2009 by Tony Goldman, a real estate developer who wanted to transform the neighborhood into a hub of creativity and cultural exchange. Today, the Wynwood Walls have become one of the city’s top tourist attractions and a cultural landmark, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Aside from the murals, the Wynwood Walls also features an outdoor garden and a rotating selection of art exhibitions, making it a dynamic and ever-changing destination. Additionally, the neighborhood is filled with trendy cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat or do some shopping while taking in the vibrant street art.

Visiting the Wynwood Walls before Ultra Miami is the perfect way to immerse yourself in Miami’s unique and vibrant culture while taking a break from the chaos of the festival. Take your time wandering through the colorful streets and admiring the stunning murals, and you’re sure to leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

5. Miami Beach Boardwalk

Stunning Ocean Views and Relaxation: Enjoy a Stroll Along the Miami Beach Boardwalk Before Ultra Miami

Miami Beach Boardwalk is an iconic destination for those who want to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy stunning ocean views in Miami. The boardwalk stretches for miles and runs parallel to the white sand beaches of Miami Beach. It’s a perfect place to relax and take in the breathtaking views of the ocean while breathing in the salty sea air.

The boardwalk is also a great spot for a jog or bike ride, as it is well-maintained and has plenty of space for exercising. Along the way, you’ll find several beachfront parks and public spaces, as well as beach access points and charming cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink.

One of the highlights of the Miami Beach Boardwalk is the South Pointe Park Pier, which offers stunning views of the ocean and the Miami skyline. The pier is a great spot for fishing, people-watching, or simply taking in the views.

Taking a stroll along the Miami Beach Boardwalk before Ultra Miami is the perfect way to unwind and soak up the beauty of Miami Beach. Whether you prefer a relaxing walk or a more active outing, the boardwalk has something for everyone and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Miami Beach Boardwalk
Miami Beach Boardwalk


In conclusion, Miami offers plenty of options for those who want to take a break from the non-stop excitement of Ultra Miami and recharge before hitting the party scene. From taking a relaxing stroll along the Miami Beach Boardwalk to immersing yourself in the vibrant street art culture of Wynwood, there are countless ways to unwind and enjoy the city’s natural beauty and cultural offerings.

By taking the time to explore these hidden gems, you’ll not only experience a different side of Miami, but you’ll also come away feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the excitement of Ultra Miami. So, whether you’re a first-time visitor to Miami or a seasoned veteran of the city’s party scene, be sure to carve out some time to chill and relax before diving into the festivities of Ultra Miami 2023.