Celebrating Five Years of Magic: A Review of Zamna Records’ “Sound Of The Jungle” Compilation

From Tribal Rhythms to Atmospheric Soundscapes: A Deep Dive into "Sound Of The Jungle"

Zamna Records Sound Of The Jungle
Zamna Records Sound Of The Jungle

Zamna Records, the iconic music label of the legendary party organizer Zamna Tulum, has recently released a 6-part compilation titled “Sound Of The Jungle“. This compilation is a celebration of five years of magical sunsets and sunrises, genuine connections, and dancefloor euphoria. The collection features 19:26, Aether, Anii, Armonica, Brina Knauss, Coeus, Dino Lenny, Ebmath, Glowal, Henri Bergmann, Øostil and Bob Tosh, Space Motion & Stylo, Stephan Jolk, and The ElementSound Of The Jungle has been assembled to spread sound transcendence, endless sunlight, and tropical happiness into sonic spaces all around the world. They do this from the heart of Tulum and the depth of their skill.

Each part of the compilation consists of two or three tracks, which together create a mesmerizing and immersive musical experience. The entire compilation takes the listener on a journey through the sounds of the jungle, evoking images of exotic landscapes, wildlife, and tribal rhythms.

Zamna, which was born in the mythical Tulum jungle, has brought together both musicians and dancers to create synergies via the force of sound. Driven by Itzamna’s pulse, the community keeps growing and broadening its worldwide compass.

Dancefloor Euphoria and Genuine Connections: The Spirit of Zamna Tulum Lives on in “Sound Of The Jungle”

The first part of the compilation starts with 19:26 and Animal Picnic’s “Disobedience,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the collection. Aether’s “N.61 Piano” is a dreamy and ethereal track that perfectly captures the spirit of the jungle.

The second part features tracks by ANII, Diana Miro, Armonica, and Brina Knauss. ANII and Diana Miro’s “Wild Open Space” s a haunting track that blends tribal rhythms with ethereal harmonies and vocals, while Armoica’s “Devotion” is a dancefloor banger with a powerful and raw bassline. Brina Knauss’s “Nightfall” is a groovy and uplifting track with hypnotic lines

The third part of Zamna’s Sound of the Jungle features tracks by Coeus, Dino Lenny, and Ebmath. Coeus’s “Homecoming” is a mesmerizing track that blends atmospheric sounds with tribal drums, while Dino Lenny’s “Dancing in Darkrooms” is a dark and brooding track that perfectly captures the intensity of the jungle. Ebmath’s “Your Way” is a hypnotic journey through atmospheric soundscapes and pulsating rhythms with astonishing vocals.

The fourth part features tracks by Glowal, Øostil, Bob Tosh, and Violeta Reynal.

One track that stands out in the “Sound Of The Jungle” compilation is Glowal‘s “The Line.” The Italian duo composed of Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini has been steadily gaining recognition in the electronic music scene in recent years, with releases on labels like Diynamic and Innervisions.

The Line” is a standout track in the compilation, with its pulsating bassline, tribal percussion, and hypnotic vocal samples creating an immersive and entrancing atmosphere. The track blends elements of techno, house, and tribal rhythms to create a unique and captivating sound that is characteristic of Glowal’s style.

Moving on we have Øostil, Bob Tosh, and Violeta Reynal’s “Ikal” which is a nostalgic and atmospheric track with a touch of darkness in it.

The fifth part features tracks by Henri Bergmann, Space Motion, and Stylo. Henri Bergmann’s “Station32” includes hypnotic and mysterious plucked lines, while Space Motion, and Stylo’ “Dreamers” brings back some hope with its mystical synth and exotic basslines.

Finally, the sixth part of the Sound of the Jungle, features tracks by Stephan Jolk and The Element. Stephan Jolk’s “Morning Comes” is a powerful and uplifting track with a driving beat and infectious melody, while The Element’s “Upon Us” close perfectly this incredible collection with some clean percussions and relaxing harmonies.

Split Release on Spotify Raises Questions About Cohesion of “Sound Of The Jungle” Compilation

It’s worth noting that while the “Sound Of The Jungle” compilation is available in full on Beatport, it is only available split into parts on Spotify. This can be a frustrating experience for listeners who want to enjoy the entire journey of the compilation seamlessly.

Many fans of the compilation have expressed their disappointment on social media, questioning why the tracks were split into separate parts on Spotify instead of being released as a full compilation. Some have speculated that this may be due to licensing or distribution issues, while others have simply expressed their confusion and frustration.

It’s unclear why Zamna Records chose to release the “Sound Of The Jungle” compilation in this way, but it’s clear that many fans would have preferred to have access to the entire collection in one place. Hopefully, in the future, the label will consider releasing the compilation in its entirety on all platforms to provide listeners with a more cohesive listening experience. In the meantime, for those who want to experience the full journey of the “Sound Of The Jungle” compilation, Beatport remains the go-to destination.

Overall, “Sound Of The Jungle” is a mesmerizing and immersive musical journey that perfectly captures the spirit of Zamna Tulum and the magic of the jungle. With its powerful beats, exotic soundscapes,