Mahmut Orhan
Mahmut Orhan

Mahmut Orhan New Single “Nighter” Ahead of debut album ‘Pangea’

The gritty new song “Nighter,” out now on Ultra Records, is the second release from Turkish superstar DJ and producer Mahmut Orhan‘s much-anticipated debut album, Pangea.

On “Nighter,” which features the powerful singing of Tuana Yilmaz, Mahmut Orhan experiments with a wide range of intense dance music textures. It includes heavy, guttural basslines and the sparkling, futuristic synths. Even though it’s not a total departure from his indie dance roots, Orhan shows how his sound is changing and getting ready for the huge stages he’ll be playing in 2024.

Orhan has started his 2024 year with a big world tour. He will go from Canada to Argentina in the Americas and from Central Europe to Saudi Arabia. Now that the weather is nice enough for festivals, Orhan will make his start at a number of well-known ones, including Coachella.

Orhan’s first album, Pangea, will come out on March 22. It will continue his goal to use the power of music to bring people together by mixing sounds from different continents and cultures.

Mahmut Orhan is one of Turkey’s biggest dance music exports. His first song to make it around the world was “Feel.” The song is an appealing indie dance track with Balkan melodies, a smooth groove, and wonderfully unique singing from Sena Sener. Ultra Records noticed him and signed him soon after. Orhan then released a string of beautiful songs that carefully crafted his unique, worldly sound.

He was named DJ of the Year by GQ Turkey in 2018. Orhan’s videos have been watched over 2 billion times on YouTube and over 500 million times on DSPs. His TikTok account, #mahmutorhan, has recently gone viral and has over 400 million views.

Pangea” is Mahmut Orhan’s debut album, set for release on March 22. It aims to unite people through music by blending sounds from various continents and cultures. The album reflects Orhan’s vision of global harmony and musical diversity.

Mahmut Orhan Tour Dates

  • February 9 – Lohan – Athens, Greece
  • February 10 – Pantheon – Paris, France
  • February 16 – Iqrah – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • February 24 – Taraka – Valparaiso, Chile
  • March 9 – Parque Avila Camacho – Guadalajara, Mexico
  • March 14 – Massif Festival – Brasov, Romania
  • March 29 – Audiotorio Bustelo – Mendoza, Argentina
  • March 30 – BNP Club – Cordoba, Argentina
  • April 12-14 – Coachella – Indio, California
  • April 19-21 – Coachella – Indio, California