Coachella to revamp the Sahara Tent in 2024: new structure and location

Coachella Sahara Tent during FISHER
Coachella Sahara Tent during FISHER

In 2024, Coachella’s Sahara Tent is relocating to a new spot between Avenue 51 and Polo Road. It’s undergoing a major upgrade, expanding to 320 feet and transitioning from aluminum to steel for enhanced durability and production capabilities.

Coachella is going to get a complete makeover in 2024. Hold on to your hats, everyone! The Sahara Tent, which has been the king of electronic music royalty, is about to get a major makeover!

For those who have been to Coachella, the Sahara Tent is the hub of beats and energy. It has seen some of the best artists, like Daft Punk and Skrillex. Now it’s time for a new story.

The 2024 Shara Tent: more steel, new location, bigger and better

Jason Brown, who is in charge behind the scenes, told everyone that the Sahara Tent is being moved to a new location between Avenue 51 and Polo Road. Imagine that—music resonating in the desert and good vibes bouncing off the walls of a brand-new building.

We are in the process of moving the Sahara tent this year. We’re going into a whole new area of the venue that we’ve never been into.

Coachella new 2024 Sahara Tent makeover
Coachella new 2024 Sahara Tent makeover

The new Sahara Tent is a full-on makeover. It’s all about steel, baby! Don’t bother with weak aluminum—this bad boy is made to last. It’s a huge building—320 feet long—and ready to handle anything.

Before starting in December we’ve been putting in these underground footings for a structure that’s 320 ft long in all we poured about 156 trucks worth of concrete equaling 1,500 tons. We had to start each night at 3 in the morning so that we didn’t just completely clog up the city streets of Indio with traffic. The old Sahara was an aluminum structure and we are transitioning into a steel structure. There’s so much more weight capacity that we can do. There’s so much more production elements that we can do so we’re going to be more than ready for an artist like Peggy Goo who who brings whatever she wants to bring to the show – Jason Brown, VP of Artist Production at Goldenvoice, Coachella’s organizer

Party people, see you in the desert! Tickets are still on sale and the lineup for Coachella 2024 is huge.

Going to places Coachella has never been before