UNUM Festival Announces Lineup for its 2024 Return in Albania

Unum Festival
Unum Festival

The 2024 UNUM Festival lineup for this year boasts an extensive list of renowned artists including Ricardo Villalobos, Boris Werner, Cassy, and many more spanning various electronic music genres like house, techno, and minimal. The lineup promises an unforgettable musical experience in Albania‘s picturesque Shëngjin.

  • Event: UNUM Festival
  • Date: June 6th to June 11th
  • Location: Rana e Hedhun, Shëngjin, Albania
  • Lineup Highlights: Ricardo Villalobos, Boris Werner, Cassy, and more

UNUM is a unique musical trip. In the hidden paradise of Rana e Hedhun. the festival is back in the town of Shëngjin on the beautiful coastline of Albania from June 6th to June 11th. It is a quiet piece of Europe well hidden away. Boris Werner, Cap, Cassy, Andres Campo, Cincity, Dungeon Meat, Manda Moor, Ryan Elliot, Samuel Deep, Sirus Hood, Amir, and many more are the newest members.

The UNUM Festival is different from other festivals. It builds a real sense of community among people who are like-minded. It spans over six days of never-stopping music in exclusive locations. During the festival’s rhythmic ups and downs, visitors can choose their own path. Whether it’s dancing on a beach at dawn, wandering through the beautiful Pine Stage woods, or learning about the town’s history and the many cultures and traditions that live there, there’s something for everyone.

The new artists come from a wide range of styles: house, techno, breaks, minimal, and electro.

Ricardo Villalobos, a returning favorite and true underground star, has been the sound of many of UNUM’s best moments over the years. He is joined by legendary house DJ Boris Werner, minimal man Cap, the brilliant Cassy, tech house giant Andres Campo, the hardcore house duo Dungeon Meat, Manda Moor‘s tasteful house and tech fusions, Berlin favorite Ryan Elliot, and many more, including Samuel Deep, Sirus Hood, Amir, and others.

This year, the festival is partnering with After Caposile, Animal Crossing, Secret Society, Slapfunk, D-Edge, Yoyaku, and Zone. Artists like Altin Bosh, Anfisa Letyago, Arapu, Cabanne, Christian AB, DJ Reas, Varhat (Live), John Dimas, Korolova, Maher Daniel, Manu Gonzalez, Praslea, Priku, Raresh, Rhadoo, Sonja Moonear, and many more have already been announced.

UNUM Festival Lineup 2024 Albania
UNUM Festival Lineup 2024 Albania

UNUM Festival full lineup include Andres Campo, Anfisa Letyago, Arapu, Boris Werner, Cabanne, Cap, Cassy, Charlotte, Christian AB, Cincity, DJ Reas, Doudou MD, Dubfire, Dungeon Meat, Franco Cinelli, Gina Jeanz, Hostam Live (Varhat), John Dimas, Jonathan Kaspar, Korolova, Laolu, Maher Daniel, Manda Moor, Manu Gonzalez, Marlie, Miroloja, O.bee, Ogazon, Praslea, Priku, Quest, Raresh, Ratier, Rhadoo, Ricardo Villalobos, Ryan, Elliot, Samuel Deep, Shimza, Sirus Hood, Sonja Moonear, Tomas Station, William Djoko, Aamir, Albier, Aline Brooklyn, All Shadows, Altin Boshnjaku, Aman Umber, Anitë, Artssassin, Bani D, Besa M, Bowes, Chris-V, Dajku Twins, Dona K, Dymos & Shizzo, Eramah, Francesco Maddalena, Gemza, Hajdar Berisha, Jay Fase, Jean Pierre, Jeremy Sunset, Joey Jackson, Jonny N Travis, Kramer, Leke, Liburn, Likatek, Meera, Nadia Boulif, Nemax, Pife, Pol, R.O.Y., Rimbu, Rinaldo Mekaj, Rrrron, Sabb, Sammi Ferrer, Sasho Uzun, Scacco, Several Definition, Silo, Soul Case, Suisse Artist, Sylo, Uran b, Vithz, Wildealer, Yme

No limits on noise or time, just lots of freedom to move around, enjoy, and take in new sights, sounds, and scenes. Everything with people from all over the world and many locals makes the dance floor even more interesting. Away from the dancing, the long beach offers uninterrupted sun and sea views of a beautiful mountain range. There are a variety of water sports to choose from, as well as delicious local food and drinks and a lot of hidden bays and wooded areas to explore.

UNUM is the best way to combine music and travel, so get your tickets now.