CAMELPHAT presents “Constellation Series Vol. 2” compilation

Recruiting Eynka, Henri Bergmann, and James Organ to the VA it is out on the duo's When Stars Align record label

Constellation Series VA 2 CAMELPHAT with Eynka,Henri Bergmann,James Organ
Constellation Series VA 2 CAMELPHAT with Eynka,Henri Bergmann,James Organ

“Constellation Series Vol. 2” by CAMELPHAT promises a cosmic journey, featuring Eynka’s emotional synths, Henri Bergmann’s melodic vision, and James Organ’s rising techno. Each track, a celestial body of sound, invites listeners to get lost in the global language of rhythm and melody.

With the release of “Constellation Series Vol 2” on their respected When Stars Align label, CAMELPHAT‘s journey through space continues. This amazing collection has amazing songs by Eynka, Henri Bergmann, and James Organ. The emotional rhythms promise a trip to the stars.

Eynka is The Synth Alchemist

Eynka is a project that brothers Chris and Dave Hall and Joshua Field worked on together. It combines techy grooves with emotional tunes. Their love for analog synthesis, classical composition, and different electronic styles comes together in their work. Solomun, Adriatique, and, of course, CAMELPHAT played their songs worldwide.

Eynka’s melodic style has left a lasting mark on the world’s music scene with their hit songs.

When you listen to this, the sounds wash over you, and “Cascada” takes you on a positive, hypnotic journey. It’s an emotional and powerful example of Eynka’s musical skill. Cascade is the first song on the Constellation Series Vol. 2 compilation.

Henri Bergmann is The Melodic Visionary

Her emotional and melodic sound has spread around the world and will always be remembered by music fans. Henri Bergmann has become an unbeatable force! She has performed in LA, New York, and Ibiza, and her label Automatik has become a popular choice. She dropped a 15-track V.A. on Automatik as well. As an artist and a label boss, Henri’s works, such as “Here’s the Fear” and “Higher Dimension,” have been praised, solidifying her position as a melodic techno powerhouse.

Enjoy the lively and flowing sound of “Evolve To Survive.” You can lose yourself in the music, and the melodies of this track change and get more intense as they go along.

James Organ is The Rising Star

James Organ, a rising star from Liverpool, has quickly moved up the House & Techno scene. Big names in the business, like Sasha, Damian Lazarus, and Pete Tong, have played his music.

He released music on well-known labels like Crosstown Rebels and Last Night on Earth.

Explore the depths of “The Faith,” a trip through sound and melody. The song includes speech vocals that will make you think. The changing moods and grooves make you feel hopeful and encourage you to keep believing.

The Faith is the third song on the Constellation Series Vol. 2 compilation.

This Various Artists VA compilation, “Constellation Series Vol. 2,” will take you on a trip through space. Each track is like a planet in the vastness of sound. As the stars line up, let the music lead you by letting you get lost in the global language of rhythm and melody.

If you’re curious about the first installment of When Stars Align, we have you covered.