CAMELPHAT unveil the first batch of ‘Spiritual Milk’ album remixes


CAMELPHAT‘s first collection of remixes for their Spiritual Milk album comes out on March 1. This is the same day they start their North American tour.

Vintage Culture’s remix of CAMELPHAT and RHODES’ “Home” came out just one week ago.

Now, the British DJs have gotten a lot of great producers to work on Spiritual Milk remixes.

CAMELPHAT keeps building a name for their rising label with releases through When Stars Align and an exclusive license to The Nations.

Exploring CAMELPHAT’s Remix Realm: Spiritual Milk Collection Unveiled

First up is Ivory, a producer from Milan who makes a trippy and dreamy version of “Love Is Something” by CAMELPHAT and Jake Bugg.

The “Turning StonesArodes and Josh Gigante version quickly became a part of CAMELPHAT’s changing set lists. It mixes soothing chords with deep house melodies.

It’s time for Sideral‘s soothing mixdown of “What A Day” with Delilah Montagu. Sideral is known for his hit single Dialogue” with Dyzen from 2023. This song shows his unique range, which goes deep into house and techno.

KILL SCRIPT, an up-and-coming American DJ, rounds out the first set. His cinematic techno take on “In Your Eyes” makes it one of the heaviest songs on the remix record.

The low-end rumbles through festival and club stages.

This is just the beginning for CAMELPHAT; more versions are on the way.