Cercle Echo System podcast first episode in Luxor Egypt
Cercle Echo System podcast first episode in Luxor Egypt

Cercle launch their first podcast series ‘Echo System’

Cercle’s Echo System podcast intertwines electronic music with cultural exploration, sharing stories from unique global locations like Luxor, Iceland, and Geneva. Hosted by BBC producer Frank McWeeny, it offers spontaneous narratives and live performances, enriching listeners with diverse cultural experiences beyond music.

Cercle is a well-known and respected name in the electronic music industry. Cercle started out as a live-streaming platform that showed off DJs and the most beautiful places in the world. It has since grown into more than that. More than six million people follow the brand on social media. On January 22, Echo System by Cercle, the brand’s first radio series, started.

French media company launches Echo System, its new podcast that tells stories from around the world

Cercle is putting out three interactive podcasts, Echo System, from special places in 2023 to launch the Echo System. The listener is taken on a journey through Luxor (Egypt), Iceland, and Geneva (Switzerland). Some of the most interesting stories are about a Muslim farmer who shared land, seeds, and friendship with his Christian neighbors, an interesting composer and craftsman who made stone instruments in a remote part of Iceland, and how major events in the 1600s changed Geneva forever. The series takes viewers to places and tells stories that they may never get to see or experience.

I’m really excited to launch our first podcast series: Echo System. I feel it’s more than just an audio journey; it’s a cultural and narrative bridge connecting the extraordinary locations of our Cercle shows, the artists we invite and our global audience. We want to enrich the Cercle experience by going beyond music and unveil the hidden stories behind each selected site, city, or country, weaving together travel narratives, local history, culture, and music… – Derek Barbolla (Cercle Founder & CEO)

FKJ during his performance for Cercle via https://www.instagram.com/p/BuUfv8FgwoU/
FKJ during his performance for Cercle via Instagram

From the most stunning and remote place on earth, Cercle is streaming live the most in-demand electronic music artists

One thing that makes Cercle unique is the places it chooses to be. The shows happen in many places around the world, such as historical sites, cultural landmarks, and beautiful natural settings. Many of the videos have high production values, meaning that the sound and images are both out of this world. The performances are never pre-recorded, and broadcasting live from such remote places takes a lot of study and skill. Cercle has a wide range of electronic music artists, from well-known names to up-and-coming singers.

At the forefront of the Cercle’s Echo System podcast is the BBC producer and journalist Frank McWeeny:

I make audio documentaries for a living, but I’ve never made anything quite like this, where there is very little preparation and no planned or even loose narrative. You are totally at the mercy of what the journey throws at you and the people you meet. It’s all about being curious, open-minded and letting it all unravel step by step, just like a real solo adventure! It’s very challenging but also incredibly liberating and rewarding.

Meeting cool people is what Echo System is all about. It’s about how art, culture, and the stories of a community can make you feel and experience a place. It’s about rare times spent in a unique spot. To put it simply, Echo System is the story of a curious tourist who goes to a place for the first time. It could be you or anyone else!

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, and Podcast Index, are a few of the platforms where you can find the Echo System podcast.