Colyn Presents Documentary Series “Unfiltered”

An exclusive documentary series highlighting the ups and downs of Colyn's traveling life

Colyn Presents Documentary Series "Unfiltered" Trailer
Colyn Presents Documentary Series "Unfiltered" Trailer

COLYN will release UNFILTERED, a new multi-part documentary series on life on the road.

Beginning November 28th, a new 20-minute episode of UNFILTERED will be released on Colyn’s YouTube Channel every Tuesday at 7PM CEST.

It will feature his own music, including previously released music, special edits created exclusively for the series, music that will never be released, and teasers of what’s to come.

Colyn 2023 has been a hell of a year

Colyn has had another standout year in 2023. He brought his more innovative sounds on labels like Afterlife, Rose Avenue, and a recent remix for Armin van Buuren. He also headlined shows at iconic festivals like Tomorrowland, Coachella Festival, and Street Parade, and gigs at Voodoo Village, Brunch Electronik, The Loft, Savaya. Colyn was also a regular this summer at Afterlife in Ibiza.

Colyn has been shadowed for several months by brilliant cameraman Arun throughout the last 12 months.

I’m super proud of the results and the endless support I receive from my family, friends and team throughout this wonderful journey. I can’t wait to share UNFILTERED with you! – Colyn

During that time, he filmed all of the behind-the-scenes footage. He also captured the ups and downs of what has been an intensive yet crucial era in his artistic career.

UNFILTERED documentary episodes are set all around the world

Episodes are set in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Amsterdam, Tulum, Miami, NYC, London, Barcelona, and Dubai. They include skydiving, hours on a plane, dinners with Rüfüs Du Sol, sunrise sets at Space Miami, afterparties, studio time, and days off, among other things. The episodes also include guest appearances from Ben Böhmer, Monolink Korolova, Gordo, Innellea, Camelphat, Vintage Culture, Patrice Bäumel, and tens more talents.

There are not many professions that would exceed the variety in documentation than the life of an international touring artist. Every day of every tour has a natural buildup, which all eventually comes together in a moment of pure joy during the show. As each episode takes place in a different corner of the world, it allows for many scenic and cinematic elements, amplified by the beauty of Colyn’s filmic music. Being on tour for months and spending so much time together developed into a special connection that also enabled me to create something real, human and funny. The idea was to make it feel like the viewer becomes part of the tour, which I tried to accomplish by shooting alone instead of having a full crew. I am beyond excited to show you the result. – Videographer ARUN

Have a look on the ups and down of a DJ like Colyn

UNFILTERED is a one-of-a-kind peek at Colyn’s life on the road. It depicts the joyful side of being an artist. It also shows the difficulties you experience on the road. You’ll see gigs being canceled while he was already playing, delayed and canceled flights, and missing critical moments with friends and family. You’ll even see him popping an eardrum during a show, to name a few.

Not getting enough sleep is also a factor, but being a touring artist is mostly about positive experiences. Receiving incredible energy from fans, playing amazing shows and beautiful locations are just a few. You’ll see Colyn building friendships with other artists and the hardworking people who make these events happen, discovering new cultures food, and more.

This documentary series is expected to provide a rare but crucial glimpse into the life of a touring musician.