Nicolas Taboada
Nicolas Taboada

Nicolas Taboada returns to Factory 93 with ‘Get It’

Nicolas Taboada’s electrifying track “Get It” showcases his multidimensional sound trip. It features hypnotic low-ends and an avant-garde touch, and it’s out now on Insomniac’s Factory 93.

Nicolas Taboada is a DJ and producer who is making a name for himself in South America and beyond. He was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The city, and especially the Latin America region, has now become a global electronic music hub. DJ Mag Latin America gave him their “Best Rising Producer” award.

In the past few years, he’s put out music on labels like Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. He also played at parties like RESISTANCE. Building on support from artists like Amelie Lens, Pan-Pot, Enrico Sanguiliano, and Ilario Alicante, he returns to Factory 93 with the powerful “Get It.”

This comes right after his recent debut on the label as part of the MODULE VA series.

Get It” is an electrifying piece of music that brings together different sounds so well that they create a compelling tapestry of sound. The song builds with sweeping synth lines, each note echoing with euphoric intensity. It has a driving energy. Vocals that are warped add an avant-garde touch and create an otherworldly atmosphere that draws listeners into new musical worlds.

Short breaks strengthen the rhythmic base. They add a sense of uncertainty and push the track forward with unstoppable force. At its best, “Get It” has hypnotic low-ends that pulse and echo, giving the song a subsonic allure that can shake any room to its core. This masterful composition shows how good the artist is at creating a multidimensional sound trip.