Cristoph and ADZ Debut “Solpaz / Fading” on Factory 93

Cristoph drops CamelPhat x ARTBAT's new ID
Cristoph during his show in India

Solpaz / Fading,” Cristoph and ADZ‘s new collaboration, is making waves. It’s their first release on the Factory 93 imprint.

Cristoph has been on top labels like Knee Deep In Sound, Pryda Presents, Bedrock, Last Night on Earth, Truesoul, and Anjunadeep.

At the same time, ADZ, who used to be a sound engineer, has been making a name for himself with a great collection of melodic house and techno songs.

The two artists’ musical paths first crossed in 2023, when they worked together on the haunting song “The Edge,” which also featured singer/songwriter Luke Coulson.

Now that they are back together, they are ready to wow people with their club-focused double-sided release.

Cristoph and ADZ Key Points:

  • Cristoph and ADZ, two esteemed figures in the British electronic music scene, present their debut release, “Solpaz / Fading,” on Factory 93.
  • “Solpaz” leads the package, having been previewed as an ID during Cristoph’s ‘Essential Mix’ previously. The track promises a progressive journey characterized by rippling rhythms, swirling synth leads, and guttural vocal loops.
  • On the B-side, “Fading” delivers a captivating blend of driving percussion and brooding vocal hooks. With its chugging backbone and haunting refrains, the track unfolds over nearly 8 minutes with masterful precision.
  • The release showcases the duo’s ability to craft immersive club-centric tracks, blending elements of progressive house and techno with meticulous sound design.
  • Cristoph and ADZ’s collaboration on Factory 93 adds another milestone to their musical journey, setting the stage for future endeavors and further exploration of their creative synergy.

In “Solpaz / Fading,” Cristoph and ADZ take listeners on a trip through pulsing rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and atmospheric textures.

Track Listing: “Solpaz / Fading” on Factory 93

  1. Solpaz:
    • Initially previewed as an ID in Cristoph’s ‘Essential Mix’, “Solpaz” is a highly anticipated progressive track designed for maximum impact.
    • Features rippling rhythms, melodic undercurrents, swirling synth leads, undulating low-end, guttural vocal loops, and pristine sound design.
  2. Fading:
    • “Fading” occupies the B-side of the release, characterized by driving percussion and brooding vocal hooks.
    • Clocking in at nearly 8 minutes, the track exhibits masterful precision in its construction, with a chugging backbone and chilling refrains.
    • Elements such as flashes of acid, pulsating basslines, sharp claps, and thunderous kicks contribute to the track’s dizzying weight.

With their first release on Factory 93, Cristoph and ADZ are pushing the limits of progressive house and techno. Get ready to be swept away by their mesmerizing sounds.