Melsen drops ’Tell Me What You Want’

Melsen in the studio
Melsen in the studio

Dutch house music legend Melsen lands again on Be Yourself with Tell Me What You Want.

Melsen, who is renowned for never being baffled by dancefloor requests, is in the zone with his most recent piano-powered raising of hands. Although it encourages grouping together, the beats and vocal requests are entirely focused on rocking out at the moment.

“Tell Me What You Want” is another mighty anthem digging its claws in, with some plaited synth shimmer poured over the mix as well and featuring impeccable timing when Melsen recognizes the need to breathe, stop, and go again. The obvious response is “this, all night long.”

By far the most important thing I’ve learned is that you just need to go into your studio and mess around – Melsen

Further high profile beats in the form of “Alarm” and “Brooklyn” cemented Melsen’s reputation for beats easily crossing the divide between daytime listening and energy past midnight. He lists dance music king Axwell and Stevie Wonder as his biggest influences.

I’ve learned that you have to keep pushing when ideas don’t come easily. It’s annoying and tough but you have to keep creating, even when you think you don’t have the inspiration – it will come eventually – Melsen

Tell Me What You Want, Melsen‘s latest release is out now worldwide.