Sæb returns on Meliodika with Regeneratio Animae.

Regeneratio Animae is a track focused on the soul's journey between life and death.


Italian up-and-coming producer Sæb drops brand new melodic techno single, Regeneratio Animae. Released on Meliodika Records, the record includes. besides the original, an Alternative Mix.

The record: Regeneratio Animae

Regeneratio Animae is a track focused on the soul’s journey between life and death.

The sound design features elements that evoke the environment in which this process is taking place.

Other elements such as lead, cello, and piano describe particular moments of this existence in the world of the living: the last memories before the passage.

The composition aims to catapult the listener into an ethereal mood. It tends to guide them over a groove with deep and minimalist influences. Every element is designed to support the narrative.

From the kick sound and percussion to the BPM, they mix together as a story.

The track plays at 126 BPM. The artist chose the tempo to better identify the memory from which this story begins.

The artist: Sæb

Sæb is a Sicilian Sound Designer and Mastering Engineer. He holds a Level I degree in Sound Design from IED. Sæb is also specialized in Mix and Mastering from St. Louis in Rome.

He has been in the field of music production for more than 10 years now, producing for various projects as a sound designer and ghost producer.

Sæb’s accumulated experiences in life have led him to use music, mostly instrumental and based on the timbre of sounds, as a means to narrate different episodes.

Sound design is crucial in his music because it is the point from which his stories start.

His personal project, oriented on melodic and deep sounds with a minimalistic touch, is just part of his work. Sæb also worked on images, video editing, and video games projects.