Âme no war rampa remix

Solomun and Rampa inaugurate the first issue of Âme’s ‘Dream House Remixes’

The German duo reveals volume 1 of their ‘Dream House’ reworks series

Solomun and Rampa have remixed Âme’s No War and The Line available now on ‘Dream House Remixes.’

Since Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer met in Beyer’s record shop Plattentasche, in their hometown of Karlsruhe back in 2001, the music they make together as Âme has been singular expression of their shared loves. Be it Detroit techno, Chicago house, Japanese cinema or the kosmische sound of their own country, in the world of electronic dance music, Âme stand apart. Fifteen years on, there’s little that the duo hasn’t accomplished: epochal singles, iconic remixes, and heart-stirring dancefloor anthems, the establishment of the Innervisions label with Dixon, their brick-and-mortar shop Muting The Noise, the Temporary Secretary booking agency and their singular Lost In a Moment parties. But 2018 revealed Wiedemann and Beyer’s finest achievement yet, a full-length debut album, Dream House.

About a year after, the 11-track LP is ready to receive a complete, broad-range dancefloor-worthy remix pack. Dream House Remixes’ will arrive in the form of three distinguished outings, resulting in 10 re-arrangements from Âme’s best friends and favorite producers. The first EP to land features two of the best Melodic Techno producers you could ask for, the titan Solomun and Keinemusik’s cherished Rampa.

Rampa‘s largely anticipated remix ofNo War is a quite basic transformation of the original into a dancefloor rammer: the melodic part remains pretty much the same, while the rhythmic is empowered by ever-growing Afro drums that perfectly encapsulate the Keinemusik unique mark, made of long melodic buildups over groovy drumsets. An assured heater, as already demonstrated by the reactions to Adam Port, Trikk and many more dropping the tune.

Techno heavyweight Solomun joins with two different takes of The Line, each one selected by Kristian or Frank personally. Frank’s Vote hits slow but relentlessly, featuring a heavy bass-kick combo to back the spacey synths and Matthew Herbert’s manipulated vocals. Kristian’s Vote, on the other hand, is faster and more synth-centered, with the rhythmic part left quite basic but effective enough to create a hypnotic, moving remix.

Next up in the ‘Dream House Remixes’ release schedule are Fango and Marcel Dettman, then Ry X, Roman Flügel and Mano Le Tough. The full album will be available in digital and wax on August 23rd; you can buy it here.