Dark Heart teams up with Be No Rain for ‘Visions’ on SIZE

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Visions” stands out as a unique musical collaboration between Dark Heart and Be No Rain, merging pulsing beats with emotive vocals. Dark Heart’s electronic prowess blends seamlessly with Be No Rain’s synth-pop and indie-rock influences, creating a captivating fusion that transcends traditional boundaries in the electronic music scene.

SIZE Records is proud to present Dark Heart and Be No Rain‘s new single “Visions.” A single that goes beyond the ordinary and takes listeners to a place where melody and emotion come together.

Visions” pushes the limits of music. It combines the pulsing beats of Dark Heart with the poetic words of Be No Rain. The new rhythms and emotional depths in the song promise to captivate listeners and take them to a place where music talks louder than words.

Dark Heart has been making noises in the middle of Los Angeles. His story of how he went from being a Hollywood talent agent to a huge star in electronic music is one of love, creativity, and unwavering dedication to the art of sound.

London’s singer-songwriter, Be No Rain is joining him on this journey. He merges synth-pop and indie rock into her music, making it a unique mix. His vocals have already made a name for themselves in melodic house and techno through work with artists like Fideles, Tale Of Us, and CamelPhat. He adds an emotional layer of introspection to “Visions.”

As “Visions” gets ready to be released, SIZE Records wants people to feel the magic of this partnership.