Anyma Drops EP on Afterlife: ‘Explore Your Future / The Answer’

Explore Your Future and The Answer, two brand-new songs by Anyma, are both available right now on Afterlife Records. The songs, which Anyma has recently performed live but have never before been released, are accompanied by breathtaking new visuals featuring a new character named Adam, who is also depicted on the single’s cover art.

Matteo Milleri’s Exploring New Sounds and Expressions with Anyma: Explore Your Future

Explore Your Future‘ is a pulsing techno track that builds to a euphoric climax with atmospheric synths and a driving bassline. The optimistic energy and sense of exploration suggested by the track’s title are reflected in its forward motion and upbeat energy.

With a slower tempo and a more reflective tone, “The Answer” adopts a slightly different strategy. The single combines haunting vocals and subtle arpeggiated synths, creating a dreamlike ambiance that seems both mournful and hopeful.

The visuals from Anyma’s most recent live performances, such as “Explore Your Future” and “The Answer,” frequently go viral on social media due to the astoundingly high artistic and technological standards they display. These performances push the boundaries of what is possible in live and recorded music, digital art, and visuals.

This release comes after Anyma debuted his brand-new ID “Syren,” which was performed at the start of the year and features a siren with skeleton vibes that moves to the beat of the song. The music has been making waves in the techno community and has been utilized as an intro by Tale Of Us during their concerts.

Anyma has also been confirmed to play at numerous upcoming events, including the Afterlife showcase at OffWeek in Barcelona and Tomorrowland on Weekend 2, which is sure to further enhance his profile and bring his music to even more listeners around the world.

Anyma is the multi-disciplinary music & contemporary fine art project by Matteo Milleri whose music and visual art has been generating a stir across the music world.

Anyma’s Explore The Future EP is out now via Aftrelife.