2023 Best Artists Of The Year: Anyma
2023 Best Artists Of The Year: Anyma

2023 Best Artist Of The Year: Anyma

From Unreleased Tracks to Debut Album: The Evolution of Anyma's Musical Journey and why he's our 2023 Best Artist Of The Year

Anyma, the pseudonym of Italian electronic music producer Matteo Milleri, has taken the electronic music scene by storm in 2023. His captivating soundscapes, intricate sound design, and introspective themes have garnered him as our pick for the 2023 Best Artist Of The Year.

2023 Best Artist Of The Year: our approach

Amidst the eclectic tapestry of musical creations that have unfolded throughout 2023, The Groove Cartel embarked on a quest to identify and celebrate the artists who have, in our esteemed opinion, spearheaded the industry’s evolution.

Our selection criteria extended beyond the realm of musical brilliance and explored the broader impact an artist has had on the electronic dance music landscape.

We sought to recognize those who have captivated audiences across the globe, expanded their fanbase, generated unprecedented hype, and contributed significantly to the genre’s progression.

To accurately represent their overall impact, we delved into the realm of metrics, scrutinizing the number of streams, plays, and accolades they have garnered across various platforms.

Our aim was to unveil the artists who have truly shaped the electronic music scene in 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and ears of devoted fans worldwide.

Who’s Anyma and his approach to electronic music

Anyma, the alias of Italian producer Matteo Milleri, is no stranger to the electronic music scene. As a renowned member of the duo Tale of Us and the co-founder of the influential record label Afterlife, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. However, it is with his solo endeavor that Anyma has truly unleashed his artistic prowess and creativity, setting a new standard for the genre.

At the heart of Anyma’s artistry lies a profound connection between music, visuals, and technology. His compositions seamlessly blend elements of techno, ambient, and cinematic soundscapes. He creates an ethereal and immersive auditory experience. This sonic tapestry is further amplified by intricate visuals that intertwine with the music, weaving a captivating narrative that transports audiences to a realm of profound emotion and evocative imagery. The visuals are also delivered as NFT.

Anyma playing Higher Power during Los Angeles Genesys show
Anyma playing Higher Power during Los Angeles Genesys show

The culmination of Anyma’s vision is his audio-visual show, “Genesys,” a groundbreaking production that redefines the live music experience. The show debuted in London at Printworks. This immersive spectacle seamlessly blends music, visuals, and storytelling, transporting audiences on a transformative journey through the depths of human experience and the universe’s vastness.

Anyma’s artistry extends beyond his exceptional sound design and captivating visuals. His music explores themes of spirituality, human connection, and the interconnectedness of all things, resonating deeply with listeners seeking a profound and emotional connection to sound.

From the groundbreaking audio-visual experience to the album, Genesys

In the middle of August, after one year of teasing every single tune, Anyma finally released his debut album Genesys.

Everything started from a series of mysterious and unreleased songs played during his audio-visual show.

These early creations hinted at the depth and artistry that would soon define Anyma’s sound. The melodies were delicate and evocative, the textures evolving and intricate, and the sound design deeply personal and immersive. These unreleased tracks, like seedlings sown in fertile ground, would eventually germinate and blossom into the captivating soundscape of Anyma’s debut album, Genesys.

Anyma & Chris Avantgarde - Eternity [Live from GENESYS London]

Genesys marked a pivotal moment in Anyma’s musical evolution, solidifying his position as a visionary artist pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

With Genesys, Anyma’s musical journey took flight, soaring to new heights of creativity and artistry. His music, imbued with profound emotion and evocative imagery, resonated with listeners worldwide, earning him a place among electronic music’s most celebrated pioneers.

A series of remixes made Anyma intricate his style with various international artists

Anyma has not only made waves with its original singles and albums but has also left an indelible mark through a captivating series of remixes. This electronic music venture has showcased its versatility by reimagining tracks from a diverse array of artists, including Jimi Jules, Lana Del Rey, Portugal. The Man, and 070 Shake.

One of the standout remixes by Anyma is that of Jimi Jules’ My City Is On Fire. His remix adds a unique electronic touch, transforming the original track into a mesmerizing sonic journey.

Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Remix) [Live from GENESYS London]

Lana Del Rey, the iconic pop sensation, has also been graced by Anyma’s remixing prowess. Anyma’s interpretation of Say Yes To Heaven is a testament to the project’s ability to seamlessly blend electronic elements with the artist’s signature sound.

070 Shake, an emerging force in the hip-hop and experimental music scene, received the Anyma treatment as well. The remix of 070 Shake’s Black Dress showcases Anyma’s ability to navigate different musical landscapes, adapting and enhancing the original track with electronic elements that elevate the listening experience.

What’s coming next? Anyma most awaited IDs and new music on the way

Despite having an incredible 2023 with his released songs and remixes, Anyma’s musical journey continues to unfold with a treasure trove of unreleased masterpieces awaiting their turn to grace the world. These hidden gems, patiently waiting in the wings, promise to further cement Anyma’s position as a visionary artist pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Anyma & RÜFÜS DU SOL – You Make Me

In “You Make Me,” Anyma and RÜFÜS DU SOL combine their musical prowess to create an emotive and uplifting track. The song’s underlying rhythm pulsates with energy, while the layered melodies intertwine harmoniously, creating a tapestry of sound that is both captivating and infectious.

Pictures of You Without Me

Anyma’s solo track “Pictures of You Without Me” promises to be a deeply personal and introspective exploration of the human experience. The song’s delicate melodies and evolving textures evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia, while the lyrics delve into themes of love, loss, and remembrance.

2023 Special Mention: Fred Again.. and His Ascends to Global Prominence with Unparalleled Versatility

As we reflect on the remarkable year of 2023, it’s impossible to overlook the multitude of exceptional artists who have pushed boundaries, captivated audiences, and shaped the musical landscape.

2023 has witnessed the meteoric rise of Fred Again… He has effortlessly transcended musical boundaries and captivated audiences worldwide with his captivating blend of UK garage, soul, and pop. His music, infused with raw emotion and heartfelt lyricism, has resonated deeply with listeners, propelling him to the forefront of the contemporary music scene.

Fred Again..’s global recognition reached a pinnacle in 2023 with his landmark performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Further cementing his legacy, Fred Again.. organized an impromptu rave in the heart of Times Square, with Skrillex and Four Tet, transforming the bustling metropolis into a pulsating dance floor under the starry New York sky.

Fred Again.. is also one of the producers behind Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vulture album.

With his exceptional talent, versatility, and ability to connect with audiences on a deeply human level, Fred Again.. has emerged as one of the most influential artists of 2023. His music continues to evolve and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music landscape.

Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet New York City
Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet New York City