Anyma Announces Release of Genesys Part. II Album on Afterlife

Genesys Part II is an upcoming remix album reimagining Anyma's acclaimed 2022 debut Genesys, set for release on March 29th.

Anyma Genesys part II album
Anyma Genesys part II album
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Anyma “Genesys Part II” is an ambitious remix album reimagining the lush soundscapes of last year’s “Genesys”. It features brand new songs like “Now Or Never”, alongside remixes by artists like Eric Prydz, Amelie Lens, and Daniel Avery recontextualizing Anyma’s transcendent audio-visual world.

You know, after covering the electronic music beat for over a decade at The Groove Cartel, you’d think I’d be numb to surprises by now. But artists like Anyma always find a way to keep things fresh and fascinating.

His debut album “Genesys” was a genuine jaw-dropper when it dropped last year. The way Matteo Milleri seamlessly wove those lush, dreamy soundscapes with cutting-edge visuals and thematic depth – felt like a true evolution for the genre. A new frontier of immersive, almost synaesthetic artistry.

So when whispers started circulating about a “Genesys Part II” in the works, you’d better believe my ears perked up. At first, I’ll admit, part of me worried it might be a hastily thrown-together attempt to milk the momentum from the original’s success. Boy, was I wrong?

Leave it to the mastermind behind Anyma to conceive something sleek and subversive. Rather than slapping together a few bonus tracks, Milleri is going the ambitious remix album route for Part II. An inspired move, if you ask me. Even better is that he will include some brand-new songs. You can expect the long-awaited Now Or Never as well as a collaboration with PARISI.

The Genesys Part II is a hybrid album with new songs, already released ones and new remixes. The full tracklist of Anyma Genesys Part II album includes:

  • DISC 1
    • Sacrifice with PARISI
    • Now Or Never
    • The Light
    • Simulation with Chris Avantgarde
    • Pictures Of You
    • Higher Power with Argy, Magnus
    • F.T.L.
    • Hear Me Now with Rebuke, Karin Park
    • Exodus with Adam Sellouk
    • After Love feat. Delilah Montagu
  • DISC 2
    • Eternity (Massano Remix)
    • Pictures Of You (Cassian Remix)
    • The Sign (Kevin de Vries Remix)
    • Welcome to the Opera (Adriatique Remix)
    • Syren (Adam Sellouk Remix)
    • Consciousness (Eric Prydz Remix)
    • Save Me (Kolsch Remix)
    • Syren (Amelie Lens Remix)
    • Welcome to the Opera (Kobosil 44 Symbiont Mix)
    • Explore Your Future (Daniel Avery Remix)

Think about it – “Genesys” was such a meticulously crafted audio-visual experience. Allowing fresh production talents to dissect and rebuild those lush atmospheres opens up endless new realms to explore. It’s like witnessing the work strain through a kaleidoscope of aural alchemy.

We’ve already had whiffs of the wizardry in store, with tantalizing remixes like Massano’s techno-big room take on the haunting album opener “Eternity.” Judging by the snippets making the rounds, this isn’t just going to be a run-of-the-mill remix package either.

No, Milleri seems dead-set on curating an entirely new headtrip for fans. An alternative dreamscape where the “Genesys” mythologies get bent, spliced, and recontextualized through a lens of fresh perspectives. I’m ready to plunge into those depths.

The masterminds dropped a key detail too during Anyma’s recent Buenos Aires gig: Genesys Part II” is locked in for March 29th, hot on the heels of the Afterlife label’s Miami Music Week festivities. Savvy timing to catch that post-festival momentum.

As a veteran spectator of too many remix album cycles to count, let me say – this rollout has me genuinely hyped like it’s year one on the job again. Anyma’s penchant for transcendent, boundary-demolishing art makes this an essential experience for any discerning electronic explorer.

Part two of an already deeply immersive journey? Updates from the live show trail? You know I’ll be downing triple espressos to stay wired for every new Anyma transmission over the next few weeks. This is shaping up to be one for the books.

Anyma & Chris Avantgarde - Eternity (Massano Remix)