Chris Avantgarde returns solo on Afterlife with ‘Perception’

'Perception' is A Melodic Techno Masterpiece That Blurs the Lines Between Reality and, in fact, Perception by Chris Avantgarde

Chris Avantgarde playing for Serum party
Chris Avantgarde playing for Serum party

Chris Avantgarde‘s latest single, ‘Perception‘, takes us on a profound journey through the depths of our consciousness. It is out now on Tale Of Us’ Afterlife and it challenges our perception of reality and the very essence of our existence.

As a prominent member of the renowned Afterlife collective, Chris Avantgarde has consistently demonstrated his ability to craft emotionally resonant and genre-defining tracks. His collaborative efforts with fellow label mate Anyma have garnered widespread acclaim.

With ‘Perception‘, Chris Avantgarde ventures into uncharted territory. He embarks on a solo expedition that expands his sonic horizons and delves deeper into the human psyche. The track opens with a melancholic piano melody that gradually builds into a crescendo of emotional intensity. Haunting vocals weave their way through the intricate arrangement, adding a layer of mystique and vulnerability that resonates deeply within the listener’s soul.

Chris Avantgarde delves into the human psyche with ‘Perception

As the track progresses, the tempo intensifies, propelling the listener into a state of heightened awareness. Distorted soundscapes and driving basslines create an immersive atmosphere that blurs the lines between reality and perception. Chris Avantgarde masterfully employs these sonic elements to transport the listener into a realm of profound introspection and self-reflection.

The track’s outro fades away slowly, leaving behind a lingering sense of awe and wonder.

Tale Of Us premiered Chris Avantgarde’s ‘Perception‘ during Miami Music Week’s Afterlife at Factory Town. The tune has then been played all summer long. It also received support from David Guetta who played it at kineticFIELD in EDC Las Vegas. It has been a fixed tune on Tale Of Us set all year long.

Chris Avantgarde’s new single ‘Perception‘ is out now via Afterlife Records.