Argy & Omnya - Aria
Argy & Omnya - Aria

Argy & Omnya return to Afterlife with ‘Aria’

After a remarkable run with the Pantheon release, the enigmatic producer Argy makes his triumphant return to the Afterlife label. This time, he joins forces with the talented Omnya to create something truly extraordinary – ‘Aria.’

This captivating release takes us on a journey through electronic soundscapes, featuring undulating low-end and hypnotic vocal refrains that will leave you spellbound.

Aria: An Electrifying Soundscape

Aria‘ is a track that defies conventional boundaries and transcends genres. From the very first note, it envelops the listener in a mystical aura that is both mesmerizing and haunting. The track’s centerpiece is a choir-esque vocal sample, expertly chopped and rearranged to create a unique sonic experience. This manipulation of vocal elements serves to forge an electrifying atmosphere, transporting the listener to a realm beyond the ether.

The vocal refrains in ‘Aria‘ are more than just background ambiance; they are the heartbeat of the track. They dance and weave their way through the composition, creating a sense of fluidity and connectivity that is both entrancing and intoxicating. Argy and Omnya’s ability to harness the power of vocal samples in this manner demonstrates their mastery of the craft.

Euphoria Meets Ominous Tones

One of the defining characteristics of ‘Aria‘ is the juxtaposition it presents. It skillfully combines elements of euphoria and ominous undertones to create a unique emotional landscape.

The pulsating bassline provides a relentless drive, anchoring the listener in a hypnotic groove. As the track progresses, the uplifting melodies gradually build, stirring a sense of euphoria that washes over the audience.

However, it’s the omnipresent undercurrent of darkness that keeps ‘Aria’ firmly grounded in the Afterlife aesthetic. The ominous tones lurking beneath the surface serve as a reminder that beauty often exists in tandem with darkness, and it’s this duality that makes the track so compelling.

Premiere and Reception

Aria‘ made its debut during an Afterlife show in Madrid last March, and it has since become a staple in their sets. Tale Of Us, the renowned duo behind Afterlife, recognized the track’s potential and showcased it to a global audience. The response has been nothing short of extraordinary, with ‘Aria‘ gaining traction at every Afterlife event and Ibiza shows at Hi Ibiza.