afterlife Hï Ibiza 2023

Afterlife Recordings Kick Off Its Best Ibiza Season Yet at Hï Ibiza

Tale Of Us Set Ibiza Ablaze bringing RUFUS DU SOL and 44 LABEL GROUP to their Residency at Hï Ibiza

The highly anticipated opening of Afterlife Recordings at Hï Ibiza marked the beginning of an unforgettable 2023 Ibiza season.

With a long-standing reputation for pushing boundaries in the melodic techno scene, the world-renowned duo Tale Of Us returned to their White Isle home, promising cutting-edge production, immersive visuals, and an all-star lineup. The opening event left attendees breathless, and this week’s lineup promises to be even more spectacular.

Tale Of Us: Unveiling a New Visual Experience at Hï Ibiza

The grand opening saw the debut of Hï Ibiza’s new setup, featuring a floor-to-ceiling LED wall behind the DJ booth, with the entire ceiling covered by LED panels. Tale Of Us, as the Afterlife Recordings label owners, presented a mesmerizing visual spectacle created exclusively for this Hï Ibiza event. As the night unfolded, attendees were left in awe as it seemed the ceiling opened to the sky, revealing an iconic figure descending from the clouds. This unique visual experience set the tone for the night ahead.

The opening event showcased an incredible back-to-back performance between Tale Of Us and RUFUS DU SOL, treating the crowd to their much-anticipated collaboration track, “You Make Me.” The energy on the dancefloor was electrifying as these talented artists seamlessly blended their distinctive sounds, creating an atmosphere of pure euphoria. It was a true testament to the caliber of talent that Afterlife brings to the stage.

Doubling Down with a Massive Lineup This Week: 44 LABEL GROUP

After a successful opening, Afterlife, and Tale Of Us are ready to double down on the excitement at Hï Ibiza this week. They have invited their fellow friends over at the 44 LABEL GROUP to take over the Club Room, featuring performances by Kobosil, Somewhen, and Melis. This additional lineup adds another layer of depth to an already impressive roster, promising an unforgettable night for all attendees.

To commemorate this exceptional season, the clothing brand and record label, 44 LABEL GROUP, will release a limited edition Afterlife t-shirt. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase this exclusive item at Antonioli Ibiza’s physical store and online at both and This collaboration further solidifies the connection between music, fashion, and the Afterlife brand, giving attendees a chance to take a piece of the experience home with them.