Digitalz Imaginary Love
Digitalz Imaginary Love

Digitalz release highly-anticipated debut album ‘Imaginary Love’

Digitalz's latest opus, 'Imaginary Love,' is a pivotal, career-defining moment for the rising duo, and is a perfect addition to their burgeoning discography.

Digitalz are back on the scene with their much-anticipated full-length debut album, ‘Imaginary Love.’ The star-studded 10-track offering features vocals from Annika Wells, Naomi Wild, and Mickey Shiloh, to name a few, and follows up their recent string of lead singles ‘Ritual,’ ‘Invisible,’ ‘Beg For It,’ ‘Miss Me,’ and ‘Falling In.’ ‘Imaginary Love’ is out now and available to listen to on all streaming platforms here.

Digitalz Imaginary Love the album in-depth

Welcome,’ which opens the album, begins with a low, rumbling bass that pulsates throughout the entire sonic space. The piano enters the scene quickly, accompanied by rising tension and a variety of orchestral and electronic instrumentation. With each passing second, the palpable intensity grows stronger, leaving the listener in awe of the song’s audibly larger-than-life sensibilities. A forcible drop follows, followed by rolling basslines and an unwaveringly hard-hitting tone that lasts until the very end.

Next up is ‘Ritual,’ which begins with a heady, atmospherically entrancing ambiance. A flowing, melodious vocal eventually takes center stage, full of emotion and rich lyricism, and serving as a perfect complement to the ruthlessly unyielding bass-centric tune. The majority of the rapturous offering is defined by its distinctly commanding timbre, as well as its wholly infectious, sprightly qualities, all of which are essential qualities of a prime stadium-ready anthem.

Following that is ‘Beg For It,’ which features vocals from Mickey Shiloh, an American singer and multi-platinum selling songwriter, as well as a rap verse from Tampa hip-hop talent Deem. Their vocals effortlessly maintain the song’s energy from beginning to end, while adding a soft, ethereal touch to the otherwise high-octane track. The pair’s signature French electro sound can be heard in “Beg For It,” which perfectly complements the song’s bass-infused flair throughout. Overall, the duo perfectly blends their hip-hop and rock influences with powerful synths and an atmospheric ambiance.

The album’s next single, ‘Invisible,’ features Digitalz enlisting the vocal talents of Annika Wells, a Los Angeles-based talent who lends her beautifully harmonious voice throughout. Her soft, euphonious vocal contrasts with the uncompromising bass, resulting in a groundbreaking hit that highlights Digitalz’s unrivaled production prowess.

TheNamless is featured on the album’s next track, ‘Falling In,’ which continues the trend of vocal-led songs. A major focus is placed on the rich, textured vocal throughout the anthemic production, which effortlessly highlights the synth-centric tune’s fun, shiny production elements. The sonic masterpiece is monumental in scope and has all the makings of a certified feel-good summer hit.

Naomi Wild, best known for her euphoric vocals on Odesza’s ‘Higher Ground,’ continues her streak with a guest appearance on the next track, ‘Shelter.’ The song begins with the faint sound of a heartbeat, which is quickly followed by Wild’s energetic singing. A powerful bass drop follows, propelling the listener through a sound show. ‘Shelter’ is a perfect addition to ‘Imaginary Love,’ and stands out from the rest of the album’s tracks because it is captivatingly emotive from beginning to end.

Next up is ‘Miss Me,’ which has ominous overtones that are brought to life by Drymer’s featured production elements, who remixed the duo’s ‘Beg For It’ in May of this year. In terms of style, the French guys completely overturn the tone set by its predecessors. Digitalz & Drymer go for an uncompromising ambiance, with a track that is tinged with a darkness that is easily maintained throughout its three-minute runtime. ‘Miss Me,’ which features a never-ending barrage of atmospheric bass, is the duo’s most difficult track on the album.

In the first half of ‘Corner of My Eye,’ Digitalz uses a more angelic-sounding production style before introducing their signature production style not long after. Classic rock-and-roll inspirations can be heard throughout the synth-laden track, comparable to and on par with a highly impressive live Pink Floyd guitar solo that used to leave attendees and listeners in awe. Digitalz’s ‘Imaginary Love’ features a standout track called ‘Corner of My Eye.’

I’m Going,’ the album’s penultimate track, begins with a contemplatively somber piano, giving the impression of being at a funeral. A hushed voice enters the room, filled with a passionate fervor. The tempo gradually picks up and eventually features a driving tone, complete with a series of bass drops that give the soaring tune a powerful quality.

The final track on ‘Imaginary Love‘ is ‘Bad Blood (What Do You Want).’ The lyricism in the vocals throughout the melodic offering is flawlessly executed and describes the chemistry between two strained lovers as they experience a heartbreaking hardship. Overall, the final track on Digitalz’s debut full-length album is upbeat, and it’s the perfect cap to such a fantastic, genre-bending release.

About the artist Digitalz

Thibault and Adrien of Paris’s Digitalz are a newly formed project that has been in the works for well over four years. The trailblazing pioneers have honed their skills and combined their extensive experience in the music industry to forge their own paths over time. Their music has received widespread acclaim since 2017, with their breakthrough debut single ‘Don’t Need You’ catapulting them to massive success, culminating in the release of their ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ remix. This received support from both Axwell and David Guetta, which is a huge accomplishment for any modern musician. The two have now set their sights on enthralling the public.

Overall, Digitalz’s latest opus, ‘Imaginary Love,’ is a pivotal, career-defining moment for the rising duo, and is a perfect addition to their burgeoning discography.