Space Motion
Space Motion

EXIT launches new label ‘EXIT Soundscape’

The newly launched imprint debuts with single titled ‘Universe’ from celebrated Serbian artist Space Motion and JES

EXIT, a multiple European festival champion and one of the leading brands in the global festival industry launches Music & Talent Office – EXIT Echosystem with the intention of providing promising and talented musicians from the region and beyond with comprehensive support and opportunities to develop successful careers on a global scale!

As a component of this platform, EXIT has also launched its very own record label, which is called EXIT Soundscape, and is currently presenting the first tune from that label. The breathtaking video single “Universe,” which was recorded by the renowned electronic music producer Space Motion from Serbia, heralds the spectacular entrance of the EXIT Soundscape into the global music arena.

Space Motion’s new single Universe for EXIT new label

The EXIT festival and Space Motion have a special connection, which is a relationship that has been built over a number of years. In light of this link, the track’s title takes its cue from the subject of this year’s event, and the music video for “Universe” was shot at the enormous Dance Arena while the festival was in progress. The track can now be streamed on any and all available digital platforms.

I’m thrilled that my latest release is also the inaugural one for EXIT’s label, EXIT Soundscape. The fact that both the festival and I come from Novi Sad adds a special touch to this collaboration – something that seemed almost destined. The overwhelming response from fans and peers in the music industry assures me that this release will leave a long lasting impact – Space Motion

The latest appearance of Space Motion on the “A State of Trance Podcast” (also known as “ASOT“), which is hosted by Armin van Buuren, is a great example of the indisputable brilliance and prowess that he possesses as a producer and DJ. The previous year, he climbed all the way up to the enviable position of second place on Beatport’s list of the best musicians in the melodic techno genre!

EXIT Soundscape

To create “Universe,” a collaboration between Space Motion and the British trance superstar JES was necessary. This trance diva and hitmaker has collaborated in the past with some of the biggest names in global electronic music, including Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Gabriel & Dresden, and others, and she has been nominated for a Grammy Award three times.

Additionally, a strategic agreement between the record company EXIT Soundscape and the worldwide digital distributor Paradise Worldwide has been established. This partnership includes working together on music distribution, digital strategy, and publishing, bringing together a wide variety of musicians and record labels from all around the world.