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deadmau5 creamfields cube v3

Watch deadmau5 Cube v3 LIVE at Creamfields full set

Deadmau5 joined Creamfields UK 2019 headlining the festival with its new Cube v3.

An hour and a half packed with incredible deadmau5′ music and stunning visuals; this was the brand new Cube v3 at Creamfields. The festival live-streamed the whole performance so, now, you can relive it in full effect.

As you may expect, the set is full of deadmau5 tune and nothing else; from Avaritia to Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff the whole set was linked to the incredible Cube. Visuals were generated in real-time and perfectly synced with the music and the lights creating an extraordinary show.

Showcased to the world for the first time at Ultra Miami, the show had some problems; after months of fixing and polishing, deadmau5 has been able to deliver one of the most technically advanced performances in the dance industry.

You can check the whole set below.

Live from Creamfields 2019

the cube v3 UK debut at Creamfields is LIVE now! for moar show info check

deadmau5 यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, २३ ऑगस्ट, २०१९

Don’t forget, Creamfields festival is streaming live on four different channel your favorite artists. Jump right now on this link to join the show.

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