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Tomorrowland 2020 canceled; what about tickets and refunds?

Belgium's authorities have banned every big event until the end of August and, clearly, Tomorrowland is one of them. So, what happens now? What do you do with your ticket?

It was in the air but nobody really wanted to believe it: Tomorrowland 2020 has been officially canceled due to the COVID-19. Belgium’s authorities have banned every big event until the end of August and, clearly, Tomorrowland is one of them. So, what happens now? What do you do with your ticket?

First of all, the official Tomorrowland press release states: “Every Main Buyer will be contacted by email and within the Tomorrowland Account with more specific information.

We have collected below some information that we think will be useful to you to understand what to do next with Tomorrowland 2020 tickets.

Normal ticket holders

First of all, if you have bought a normal ticket, the one that includes only access to the festival, you have three options to choose from.

  1. KEEP YOUR TICKET – Tomorrowland has announced that all the tickets bought for the 2020 edition will be automatically available for next years’ festival edition. If you chose this option, your 2021 ticket for Tomorrowland will be sent via email. You can also download it on the “Ticket” section on the festival’s website by the end of May 2020. By the end of June 2021, the Main Buyer will receive all bracelets by post. The order number won’t change.

  2. TRANSFER YOUR TICKET TO A FRIEND – Because of the extremely difficult times, Tomorrowland will open the personalization of the tickets again for one week only in February 2021. In this window of time, you’ll be able to change the name on the ticket. Don’t be late.

  3. SELL YOUR TICKET ON THE EXCHANGE DESK – Beginning October of this year, Tomorrowland will open a virtual Exchange Desk where you will be able to sell (and actually get a refund) of your ticket if you want to sell it. At the moment there are no specific details about this method but, we’ll keep you informed.

If you have a package like Easy Tent or Cabana, you must sell the WHOLE PACKAGE at once. Name changes can be done individually.

Tomorrowland 2020 Global Journey / Discover Europe


There won’t be an exchange desk for Global Journey or Discover Europe ticket holders. You still have options to choose:

  1. KEEP YOUR TICKET – As for the normal ticket, your package will be available for next year (Tomorrowland 2021). Be sure to confirm this choice on your account before 15.06.2020 as this won’t be an automatic process like for the normal ticket.

  2. TRANSFER YOUR TICKET TO A FRIEND – As for normal tickets, you can change the name on it before 13.11.2020.

  3. RECEIVE A VOUCHER FOR THE VALUE OF YOUR PACKAGE – This voucher will be loaded to the account of the main buyer and can be used for Global Journey/Discover Europe purchases for the 2021 and 2022 editions of Tomorrowland.

Other useful information

Other important information about different types of tickets or if you want to buy tickets for the 2021 edition:

  • if you bought a ticket from any of the travel partners recognized by Tomorrowland, your ticket will be valid for 2021. The best thing to do is always contact your travel partner and ask for detailed information
  • if you want to attend Tomorrowland 2021 and you haven’t bought a ticket, starting from October on Tomorrowland’s website you’ll be able to join the waiting list. If you registered in 2020, you will keep your spot
  • the lineup could change but the main goal is to keep it as it is
  • at the moment there is no info about a new sale in January 2021
  • the main festival’s theme will be kept

Depending on your country and credit card provider, it is also possible to chargeback if you paid your order on a credit card. In this way, you could be able to receive your money back but, it all depends from your bank, including the time that will take for a refund.

Tomorrowland won’t offer an official or full refund. You will be able to sell it via the exchange desk or convert it into a ticket for next year’s edition. More info are available on the Tomorrowland website.

As every bad moment in life, this time will pass and we’ll be able to dance again in the magical land of Tomorrowland.