Like Mike unveils his underground alias HEREON and releases debut album

HEREON features 16 breathtaking tracks, including collaborations with ​Adam Sellouk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Goom Gum, and many more

Like Mike as HEREON
Like Mike as HEREON

Like Mike, one half of the exciting DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, has started a new exciting trip with his underground/techno project HEREON. Moving away from the popular scene, HEREON is the artist’s first step into uncharted soundscapes.

Like Mike is releasing his first album, “HEREON,” on Tomorrowland Music. He is not using his usual stage name tho. Like Mike is launching his new underground alias, HEREON.

This is not the first time a high-caliber DJ and producer has gone underground. You will surely David Guetta with the re-launch of Jack Back or Nicky Romero with the Monocule debut.

Like Mike’s, aka HEREON, first album under the new name, alias, comes out today with 16 stunning tracks. It includes collaboration with Adam Sellouk, BARELO, Doriann, Eli & Dani, Florentin, Galluxy, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Goom Gum, Khainz, Martin Trevy, Monblaire, Versaro, and more.

HEREON‘ is an exciting album that goes beyond normal limits, giving listeners a deep and powerful sound experience. Its songs make people feel strong feelings with haunting vocals and striking instruments.

In 2023, HEREON made a big splash in the underground music scene by skillfully capturing the spirit of melodic house and techno. Instead of being the popular person he is known as, Like Mike, HEREON uses electronic music to explore spirituality. In his works, he uses vocals and sound waves to create a transcendent soundscape that blends frequencies without any problems.

Hereon’s unique sounds mix genres and cultures, erasing boundaries and bringing people together through the power of collective awareness. HEREON wants to restore harmony among people through his music. The album takes listeners on a trip of self-discovery and sound exploration.