Fred Again, Skrillex and Four Tet drop collaboration ‘Baby again..’

Fred Again, Skrillex and Four Tet
Fred Again, Skrillex and Four Tet

The long-awaited collaborative track “Baby again..” by Skrillex, Four Tet, and Fred Again.. has been released following their record-breaking sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden last month. First heard during Fred’s viral Boiler Room set last summer and played by all three artists as highlight moments in their sets ever since, ‘Baby again..’ was born out of an impromptu studio session in Pangbourne where Fred, Sonny, and Kieran came together in the remote countryside location, sparking the ‘Pangbourne House Mafia’ name being coined by fans.

Alongside the single, the supergroup will be releasing an hour-long looped version of ‘Baby again..’ at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET using footage from their Madison Square Garden set.

Fred again.. x Four Tet x Skrillex - Baby again.. [1hr loop] (New York, 18 February 2023)

A 5-hour b2b set at Madison Square Garden (20,000 cap) that was publicized just three days before the show and sold out instantly was the culmination of a series of pop-up events Fred again, Skrillex, and Four Tet did last month. Two hours into the show, Fred released “Baby again..,” which produced a memorable moment when the whole house lights finally went down.

The fanfare that followed Fred’s announcement of the New York run was unprecedented – kicking off with a rave at Good Room on Valentines Day, the trio also performed at Le Poisson Rouge and on a school bus for The Lot Radio, completely shutting down Times Square. The three completely captivated New York for a full week, and in a way that has never been witnessed before, it brought the city’s dance community together.

Three critically acclaimed albums from the prolific London artist’s Actual Life series have been released so far in his brief career, and both fans and critics like them. Last year also saw Fred again.. become one of the year’s most talked about live acts as he transformed his Actual Life records into an immersive, communal real-life experience for the first time.

He was awarded one of Mixmag’s “Best 10 Live Acts Of 2022” for the second consecutive year after his performances sold out across the UK and the USA, including three consecutive sold-out nights at London’s Brixton Academy in December. Fred continued his upwards trajectory with the viral success release of his Boiler Room, which has to date surpassed over 15 million streams, overtaking the numbers seen by artists such as Disclosure, Richie Hawtin, Skream & Fatboy Slim in only 4 weeks.