Giolì & Assia explore ‘The Point of Living’ in new music video

Giolì & Assia 2024
Giolì & Assia 2024

Giolì & Assia‘s latest release, “The Point of Living,” delves into the existential inquiry: What is the meaning of life? The duo combines electronic beats with introspective lyrics to provoke contemplation on this profound theme.

It’s the first release of 2024 from the innovative duo Giolì & Assia. “The Point of Living” is now out on their label, Diesis Records.

‘The Point of Living’, Giolì & Assia’s new song, relaunch their label Diesis

After the stunning song “Young Forever” that came out at the end of last year, Giolì & Assia are back with another powerful track. It shows how raw and personal they are with every release. A soundscape that leans more toward clubs, with resampled voices that sound like sirens. The song features also driving percussion and a mix of synths and orchestral elements. They work together to make the full range of sounds that fans have come to expect from a Giolì & Assia production.

Giolì & Assia are passionate writers. The upcoming music video is yet another visual masterpiece that truly shows how creative they are. The music video is a powerful visual interpretation of how fragile life and love are, going deeper into the song’s meaning.

The Point of living is the second single from our new EP “Resurrection”. Following the dark yet melodic tones of “Young Forever”, the lead single off the EP, this time our lyrical focus was on the existential question – what is the meaning of life? At the same time, we wanted to conjure an electronic, romantic sound that evoked the sublime feeling of the ocean’s wave, from the opening verse, chorus, right up until the drop. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have creating it! –  Giolì & Assia

2023 has been Giolì & Assia’s year. 2024 will be even better

Giolì & Assia reaffirmed their independence and began a new age of creative freedom in 2023. They brought back their label Diesis Records and released their own line of handpans. To end the year, they played at major festivals and headlined shows in Mexico, Colombia, and the US.

Giolì & Assia have already gotten a lot of support from the music business. Spotify chose them as one of the first artists to be a part of GLOW. GLOW is a new global music program that celebrates and amplifies LGBTQIA+ artists and creators. The inspiring couple has been lighting up Times Square as the face of the platform’s billboard campaign. They are key figures in the platform’s groundbreaking project. The new era of Giolì & Assia has begun with the promise of more music, music videos, #DiesisLive shows in brand-new and even more beautiful places, new products, and their biggest world tour to date.

Giolì and Assia’s The Point Of Living is out now.