Celebrating International Women’s Day with our favourite female artists

Despite the small number, female artists have dominated the festival circuit in regarding of show appearances in one year.

It’s not a mystery that in the electronic dance music scene the majority of DJs and producers are male but, this doesn’t mean that there are good female DJs and producers as well.

According to the 2019 IMS Ibiza business report, only 19% of festival artists were female in 2018. Several years of slow growth in demand for female representation in the DJ Mag Top 100 stalled in 2021. Audiences voted 12 female DJs into DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs in 2021. Down 1 vs. 2020 – the first drop in numbers since 2019.

Breaking Barriers: The Female DJs That Are Redefining the Electronic Music Industry

Despite the small number, female artists have dominated the festival circuit in regard to show appearances in one year. To celebrate International Women’s Day we would like to highlight some of our favorite female artists in the dance industry.

Charlotte de Witte

With a series of incredible years, Charlotte de Witte is now one of the most recognized artists in the techno scene. She’s known for her impeccable mixing skills and her ability to build tension and energy on the dance floor thanks to her dark and hypnotic sound. Having founded her own music label, KNTXT, de Witte is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the techno world. She has sold out major venues and arenas and has been crowned as the queen of techno, reaching the top of the DJ Mag techno ranking. This year she made history at Tomorrowland being the first female underground artist to close down Tomorrowland mainstage.

Charlotte de Witte at Tomorrowland 2022 (KNTXT Stage)


Become a key artist in Mark Knight’s Toolroom roster, Maxinne has vastly proved his skills behind the decks and in the studio. From tech-house to groovy beat she has developed her sound over the past year imposing as one, if not the leading female house-music artist in the circuit. She’s a regular on the global club circuit and has played at venues like Ministry of Sound, Ibiza Rocks, and Creamfields. She has recently announced her presence at the Toolroom UK tour as well as at dscnnct festival. Having often hosted Toolroom radio, Maxinne has recently released a fire tune on the aforementioned imprint.

Toolroom Artist Series 003 – Maxinne (DJ Mix) - 1 Hour Tech House/House

Eli & Fur

Raised in Anjunadeep’s ranks since 2014, the UK female duo has continued to improve and develop their sounds. Electronic melodies and moody vocals have been the pillars of Eli & Fur songs with continuous releases on the Above & Beyond label. In 2018 the duo started to inject minimal and techno vibes into their production releasing, only some weeks ago their debut single on Armada Electronic Elements. Eli & Fur has also collaborated with the main man Danny Howard for a house-infected single on Nothing Else Metter. Being featured on BBC Radio 1 and The Anjunadeep Edition. They’re known for their emotive melodies and catchy vocal hooks and have released music on labels like Anjunadeep, Armada, and Defected. They’ve also gained a reputation for their energetic DJ sets, which often feature a mix of their own productions and other top tracks in the genre.

Eli & Fur | Live at Anjunadeep x Printworks London 2022 (@eliandfur)

Amelie Lens

Techno scene seems the perfect place to grow as an artist as the Belgian producer is continuing to push boundaries in the music industry. With 27 festivals played in 2018, her own compilation with London’s popular club fabric, and the iconic performance for Cercle in 2018 at the Atomium in Brussels, Amelie Lens is for sure one of the most chatted artists in the dance music scene. Thanks to her hard-hitting sound and her commanding stage presence she has hosted several parties of her own label, EXHALE.

Amelie Lens | Tomorrowland 2022 - WE3

Giolì and Assia

If you’re more into inner and spiritual music, the Italian female duo Giolì and Assia could easily become one of your favorite artists. Having showcased their live skills thanks to the wonderful audio-video format #DiesisLive, the duo is also active in the studio; having released eight singles in 2018 and broken the wall of 1 M stream with Inside Your Head Giolì and Assia is one of the most promising duo for the years to come. The Italian duo Giolì and Assia have been gaining a lot of attention in the house and techno scenes thanks to their unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic production. They often perform with a variety of instruments, including guitar, keyboard, and drums. They’re also known for their energetic live shows, which combine their live instrumentation with DJ sets and live vocals.

Giolì & Assia - #DiesisLive @Sunrise at the Temple of Segesta, Sicily

Nora En Pure

All the way from South Africa, Nora En Pure has brought African tribal and deep sounds into house music becoming one of the few female DJs to play Ultra Miami mainstage. With a sound that features deep house and indie elements in 2016, she completed her first Ibiza Residency. She, then, launched her Purified brand which can now boast of parties all around the world including Miami Music Week and New York Brooklyn Mirage. With every release that overcomes the 1 M plays on Spotify, Nora En Pure has been crowned by the fans as the Queen of deep house music.

Nora En Pure - Purified 300 | Exumas, Bahamas


8Kays is an artistic project founded in 2014 by Iryna Shvydka, a Ukrainian sound producer and live act based in Kyiv. Striving for freedom in her sonic experiments, 8Kays creates a space where Shvydka can realize her artistic vision through sound. Her intriguing and undeniably unique sound is a reflection of her authentic and deeply personal artistic mind.

8Kays’ music strikes a balance between melodic influences and an intense passion for groove. Tracks like ‘Morning After The Rave‘, released on Afterlife, have resonated at hundreds of festivals and intimate club shows worldwide, establishing 8Kays as an act to follow.

Runway Studio with @8KAYS #7

Indira Paganotto

From headlining all major clubs and events, Indira Paganotto has become a well-known name across the globe by impeccably managing to capture audiences’ attention with her diverse sounds. Born in 1992, Paganotto is currently one of Spain’s most iconic and recognizable artists.

Her musical upbringing was truly eclectic – raised by her DJ father’s collection of disco, jazz, acid house, and goa trance. This formed the perfect library for the girl from Madrid.

Paganotto’s sets are elegant yet effusively danceable, seamlessly blending 90s disco with cutting-edge underground techno. Her energetic style shines through whether the sounds are hard or soft techno. This energetic eclecticism has become her signature trait, coupled with a constant radiant smile.

Indira Paganotto | Awakenings ADE 2023


Italian DJ and producer Olympe has swiftly risen to prominence with her captivating sets that effortlessly transport listeners to ethereal realms of perception.

In 2018, Olympe made her debut as a DJ, rapidly securing residencies at two prominent Milan clubs. By 2021, her prodigious talents transcended borders, mesmerizing audiences worldwide at clubs and festivals like Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Afterlife, Zamna, and DGTL.

Her sizzling, evocative debut In the Darkness” on Afterlife in early 2022 immediately captivated listeners. Months later, she delivered another standout release on Just This, solidifying her as a rising techno force. Her latest offering appears on Afterlife’s “Realm of Consciousness VI” VA in 2023, further cementing Olympe as one of the most exciting new voices in techno.

OLYMPE DJ set - Drumcode Centraal ADE | @beatport Live