Defected announces 25th anniversary with ‘Together’ series

Defected announces the first four releases in a series by Hannah Wants, Sam Divine, and Jem Cooke. The artists are a mix of legends from the label's past and rising stars from the future.

Hannah Wants x Sam Divine

To mark its 25th anniversary, Defected Records has announced a series of extra special collaborative releases called Together. These will feature artists from the label’s long history as well as rising stars from the future.

The first wave will have releases and remixes from a great group of artists. They include the legendary Dennis Ferrer and Masters At Work, the up-and-coming artist Kitty Amor, the Afro house star Da Capo, the longtime resident of Defected and radio show host Sam Divine, the turntablist-turned-superstar Hannah Wants, the up-and-coming artist YOURS, and more.

We are very excited to celebrate 25 years of Defected with a number of key announcements throughout January, including Together. As part of the campaign, we are pairing up artists that we have worked with across the last two-and-a-half-decades with newcomers for twenty-five new releases. This can be in the form of collaborations, features or remixes. It’s a perfect example of what Defected 2.0 stands for – collaboration and togetherness.” – Wez Saunders, CEO, Defected Records

Defected Records’ “Together” series marks its 25th anniversary with twenty-five collaborative releases. The first wave features legends like Dennis Ferrer and Masters At Work, alongside rising stars such as Kitty Amor and YOURS. It reflects Defected’s commitment to collaboration and unity in the music industry.

Hannah Wants x Sam Divine x Jem Cooke Cruel Intentions is the first installment of Defected Together series

This carefully chosen series tries to capture the essence of Defected Records’ long history while bringing its sound into the twenty-first century.

Sam Divine, Hannah Wants, and Jem Cooke‘s “Cruel Intentions” is the first installment in the Together series. It came out on January 19.

Sam Divine has been a resident of Defected for a long time. She is also the host of the Defected radio show and a constant star on the label’s roster.

Hannah Wants has become a fan favorite of Defected shows and has had a string of recent hits on the label.

Jem Cooke is one of the most sought-after vocalists and songwriters in house music.

Upcoming releases on Together

As the series continues, real house legends Masters At Work will remix one of the label’s rising stars, YOURS.

Louie Vega and Kenny Dope will then review Masters At Work’s “DÓNDE ESTÁ”.

Dennis Ferrer’s “Hey Hey” is one of the label’s most important records, and on February 2, Afro house pioneers Da Capo & Kitty Amor and David Guetta’s alias Jack Back will release a remix package.

Defected Together series will run until 2024 with, at the end of the year, a special limited-edition vinyl box

Defected has plans to keep the Together series going until 2024. the label will add more amazing artists and partnerships that will make the series even more unique.

Finally, at the end of 2024, Defected will celebrate the label’s long-standing artists and up-and-coming stars with a custom, limited-edition vinyl box set called Together.

Fans will want to gather all thirteen double-sided 12″ singles, which will contain twenty-five new tracks.

Each one will be individually sleeved and housed in a hard outer case to honor Defected Records’ 25th anniversary.

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