Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian present ‘We Bring It EP’

Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian

The We Bring It EP is the result of a cooperation between two artists who first found success on the White Isle several years ago: Jamie Jones and Darius Syrossian. It is released on Jones’ influential record label Hot Creations. The pair has previously collaborated on productions, with albums like Rushing and Eyes Of The Night showcasing their innovative style. Their latest release brims with bright melodies and club-driven energy.

It’s always a pleasure doing collabs with Jamie. He has a very good ear for dancefloor-orientated tracks, and I love his attention to detail when it comes to structuring a track. We both bounce off each other really well. Both these tracks have equal elements of our individual sound. We made these a while ago but held them back as they were made especially for the Ibiza and festival season. After playing them at the beginning of the season, they have more than passed the road test. – Darius Syrossian

The title track begins with heavy kickdrums and a rapid, chopped-up vocal sample that weaves in and out of a thrashing bassline. Throughout the song, a hint of tribal percussion bounces, evoking the famed Balearic sound of Jones and Syrossian. A stabby synth line on The Best Thing contrasts with the wavey, hallucinogenic ambiance. A vast bassline dominates, with a rave-ready feel that shimmers throughout the track.

Jamie Jones, Paradise parties and Hot Creation

The worldwide event series Paradise and the label Hot Creations were both co-founded by Jamie Jones. In Ibiza, where he resides, the Welsh DJ, producer, and curator extraordinaire creates music that is ambient and focused on clubs. Whether Jones is headlining Coachella or Glastonbury, his distinctive style exudes a sun-kissed, exuberant attitude that captivates his audience. Darius Syrossian is a ground-breaking artist with an equally ground-breaking body of work. The two-time Essential Mix talent has released on labels like Moan, Defected and his own brainchild MOXY MUZIK. He’s a cherished name on the Ibiza and UK circuit, pouring his soul into his work while holding down several residencies along the way. Syrossian is dedicated to making beautiful music and even greater feelings while also giving back to the society that helped to develop him as an artist.