Reviving the 2010s EDM golden era with JERIKO and Haarley

There aren’t many events like Ultra Music Festival in Miami when it comes to electronic dance music. Big synths, catchy melodies, and driving basslines that reverberated through the Miami skyline made the early 2010s a golden age for the event. With their new song “Now or Never (feat. Haarley)” from 2024, JERIKO and Haarley honor this classic sound.

Now or Never” was made as a tribute to the festive spirit of Ultra Miami. It captures the magic of festival season with a modern twist. Haarley and JERIKO set out on a creative journey to capture the essence of Miami’s dance music scene. They also make sure that their production stays fresh and current in today’s world.

At its core, “Now or Never” has the pulsing energy that made the early 2010s EDM scene what it was. The track makes you feel like you’re at a party and lost in the music. Big synths that soar through the mix and catchy melodies that make you want to dance are the core of the song. The heartbeat gives the rhythm an appealing groove that moves it forward.

But JERIKO and Haarley have bigger plans for “Now or Never” than just memories. They give the track a modern edge by drawing from modern styles like Future Rave and Melodic Techno. This makes it stand out from the tracks that came before it.

Now or Never” stands out because it can be used in different ways. The song is based on the style of festival anthems, but the production quality makes it sound good both in the club and on the radio. Its catchy hooks and catchy lyrics make it a great addition to any DJ set. Its polished sound and melodic sensibility, on the other hand, make it a natural fit for popular airwaves.