Antidote Community inagurate 2nd Season with Akvilina

Akvilina delivers DJ set for Antidote in Vilnius, Lithuania. The set was recorded live at St. Johns’ Church Bell Tower, in the heart of iconic Vilnius old town.

Akvilina at St. Johns’ Church Bell Tower

Vilnius experienced a once-in-a-lifetime event a few weeks ago when the 17th-century bell tower of the Church of St. Johns was lit up with vibrant colors of electronic music performed by the elegant and passionate artist Akvilina. This iconic scene marked the start of Antidote‘s second season (find out more).

Vilnius University’s architectural ensemble, as the heart and soul of liberty, freedom of thought, and pursuit of idealism, has played a significant role in the formation of Lithuanian national and cultural identity. Through the recognition and acceptance of the underground electronic music scene, this historic monument has now opened itself up to a new period of social and cultural transformation.

In this episode, Akvilina takes the listeners on a musical journey of her own, delving deep into the downtempo rhythms of indie, new wave, and dark disco genres, which inspired the very beginning of her artistic interpretations. The dazzling and viscous melodies give the church’s crumbling walls a new lease on life, bringing them back to a different kind of existence.

Akvilina at St. Johns’ Church Bell Tower
Akvilina at St. Johns’ Church Bell Tower

This one-of-a-kind architectural and musical collaboration blurs the lines between classical and underground art. The goal here is to demonstrate that culture is a continuous process of creativity and expression, rather than a collection of contradictory dogmas.

The Antidote production team did everything they could to capture the fascinating panoramic scenery of Vilnius Old Town, reminding us all of the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us all the time. It just goes to show how a small shift in perspective can have a significant impact on perception.