Ilario Alicante at The Three of Life Milan
Ilario Alicante at The Three of Life Milan

Ilario Alicante Electronic Renaissance re-lighting the Tree Of Life at MIND, Milan Innovation District

Alicante's performance will be livestreamed Sunday, May 3rd 2020 from 7.30 PM CEST

Electronic Renaissance is a message of hope and good wishes, a streaming event intended to involve the entire international community, aimed at inaugurating a new season of cultural, human, and economic renaissance, for Italy and for the whole world, thanks to the language universal electronic music. In the background, the Tree of Life, the symbol of the rebirth of the city of Milan during the 2015 Expo, and chosen for its great symbolic value as a good omen for a restart after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the live stream, it will be possible to donate to the Italian red cross – Milan committee.

Electronic Renaissance was born from an idea by Ilario Alicante, a DJ among the world’s leading exponents of the category, capable of becoming one of the youngest artists to perform in the most important international music festivals and at the same time to play together with an absolute icon like Giorgio Moroder.

The event will take place on Sunday 3 May 2020 from 19.30 to 22.30 at MIND, Milan Innovation District, the former Expo area which has become an international innovation district in which academia, training and research institutes, businesses, start-ups, incubators, and accelerators will exchange and share resources, knowledge, and technologies. A very significant and symbolic location in a historical phase such as the current one.

Electronic Renaissance will be streamed live all over the world through the artist’s social channels and thanks to the support of media partners and a large network of companies, booking agencies, and national and international partners who are the spokespersons and active promoters of this language. Re-sharing the direct line and expanding the sounding board. Ilario Alicante’s set will be filmed with a mobile direction set up at the Tree of Life, with the use of drones, interspersed with images of the city of Milan, and accompanied by a spectacular show of lights that will involve the Tree of Life itself.

There are only 24 hours left and thinking that an idea, born in one night, has materialized in such a big event fills my heart with joy. Many times the phrase “music unites” is used, but in this difficult situation, this concept acquires a new value tenfold at maximum power.

Being able to help, all together, is something that assumes a healing force, to face the situation in which we find ourselves and for our soul.

This is an auspicious message, of rebirth, a vindication of the meaning of life, of the affections, of the passions that ordinarily paint smiles on our faces. Smiles that belong to us, that do not want and must not be deleted by a virus.

I dedicate this event, or rather we dedicate it, first of all to the people who have been hit more intensely by this pandemic and to those who are in the trenches, every day, to fight for the life of others. You are a blessing and we will never stop thanking you. Heroes. I wanted to thank every single promoter, brand, organization and worldwide festival that are supporting this event, realities from every corner of our beloved planet, from Tokyo to India, South America, the United States, from Europe to Australia.

The Three of Life Milan
The Three of Life Milan

Everyone has joined this initiative and now, as ever, sharing is power, it is a help, not symbolic but concrete. Many thanks to everyone, on behalf of everyone.

In particular, I say thank you to Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, who today represents not only a wonderful city but the symbol of a community at the forefront of humanity’s struggle against Covid-19.

A fight that we will win.

I will put music in a surreal situation, in a location with immense symbolic value, the tree of life.

The life; the one we will consecrate together, distant but close.

It will be as if you were there, together with me, as always. Indeed more. Let us set off towards another place, far from this bad moment that must be left behind us as soon as possible. – Ilario Alicante

An absolutely unique event of its kind intended to involve millions of users and also and above all intended to raise funds for the urgent appeal of the Italian Red Cross – Milan Committee to support its activities during this emergency phase for Covid-19.

Electronic Renaissance is an event produced by SG Company, Social Music City, and Fabrique Milano, directed by DDL Produzioni Video with the support of ACTV NEWS, SL STUDIOS, WIFISOLUTION, the direction of photography and lighting design is curated by Expect Nothing, technical partners Agorà and JackSound Rent. Media Partner Billboard, MTV the brand of ViacomCBS Networks Italia, Radio m2o, DJ Mag, and Zero.