Italian Cocorico brand, Galactica goes to London

A Day & Night party at Studio 338 on the 25th of May: Galactica London


You may have not heard of Galactica but, if you’re into electronic music, especially techno, you know Cocorico. The legendary Italian club, Mecca of the club culture, will bring its Galactica brand to London. But where and when? A Day & Night party at Studio 338 on the 25th of May.

The party will be an amazing trip through the worlds of techno and electronic music.

As usual, Galactica’s London show will have an unmatched lineup of DJs. They will take fans on an immersive and exciting journey from sunrise to sunset at the capital’s most famous venue.

Galactica London lineup: the Terrace

Dyen is going to light up the dance floor with his contagious energy and expertly crafted beats on Europe’s biggest outdoor terrace.

SNTS is a mysterious figure in the techno scene. His dark, atmospheric soundscapes have won him a cult following around the world, making him a must-see act for techno fans.

Next up is Charlie Sparks. He has a knack for mixing old and new techno sounds in a way that sounds great. His lively grooves are sure to keep the crowd moving.

Luca Agnelli brings his unique mix of driving rhythms and catchy melodies, offering an unforgettable trip through the worlds of techno.

Mattia Trani‘s electrifying live set will blur the lines between DJ and live act, showing off his mastery of analog gear and his ability to make raw, immersive techno experiences.

The Garden

Nur Jaber‘s hypnotic mix of techno and electronica will take fans to otherworldly places over in the Garden.

Samantha Togni, an artist with many talents who is known for her sets that don’t fit into any one genre, will also be at the Garden to play her wide range of music, which promises to be an exciting sound trip.

Ruiz Osci will keep the party going strong with his contagious energy and wide range of tracks, and V111 promises to play another set that crosses the lines between techno, house, and other genres.

ANKKH will be the last act on the Galactica London Garden stage.

Their unique mix of ethereal melodies and driving rhythms is sure to captivate crowds and leave them wanting more. Tickets are now on sale.

Galactica London lineup at Studio 338
Galactica London lineup at Studio 338