Tale Of Us Afterlife Milan 2019 social music city
Tale Of Us Afterlife Milan 2019 social music city

Afterlife Milan 2019: a journey through the realm of consciousness

Tale Of Us' brought their Afterlife concept in Milan for another incredible party with Mathame Solomun and Stephan Bodzin.

Prepare to enter in a parallel universe made by hypnotic bass lines and energetic crescendos; this was Tale Of Us’ Afterlife at Social Music City in Milan.

This weekend we have joined the legendary Italian DJ duo Tale Of Us for their Afterlife party. In the heart of Milan, the party has been held at Social Music City, an old railway yard converted into a new social area.

Tale Of Us presents Afterlife

Kicking off a few minutes after 4 pm, the dancefloor was already packed for the highly anticipated performance of Mathame. The up and rising Italian duo has debuted on Afterlife last year with ‘Nothing Around Us’ EP and some months ago they showcased their second release on Tale Of Us’ imprint. Mathame’s performance was an up and down journey between uplifting and euphoric crescendo and sliding chords and spacious arrangements. Their two-hour set culminated with ‘Skywalking’, perfectly ending one of the best performances we have heard in a while.

Following the Italian duo, Stephan Bodzin took over the stage with his Moog Sub 37 synthesizer and the PO10 LiveController, everything linked to his laptop running Ableton. If there’s an artist you must see once-in-a-lifetime is Stephan Bodzin. His performance is more than a live, is pure musical art. From his most famous tunes to brand new music until live edited songs, the one hour set of Mr. Bodzin has been the natural following to Mathame’s vibes. If you have never experienced a set of the German maestro, we suggest you check his performance for Cercle at Piz Gloria.

Stephan Bodzin Afterlife Milan 2019
Stephan Bodzin LIVE at Tale Of Us’ Afterlife party in Milan 2019 Social Music City

It’s 7 pm and one of the main pillars of the underground music worldwide is ready to start. Solomun started slow, from the deepest and minimalistic side of music where simple beats and emotional melodies born. Vigour, deepness, and emotion go hand in hand in a very musical way making the entire dancefloor travel on Solomun’s kind beats. Spent the first hour in a limbo between inner peace and euphoria, Solomun raised the bar with ultra funky basslines, ethereal melodies, and emotionally charged vocals. With the sun going down behind the big structure, the Bosnian sensation perfectly matched the vibes with the time of the day.

The sun went down and that was the time to start your journey through the Afterlife. Tale Of Us took over the controls delivering one of the most dynamic and multisensory feelings you can experience on a dancefloor. Kicking off with their latest remix for Jean-Michel Jarre of ‘If The Wind Could Speak’, the duo continues with a lot of new music and IDs. Carrying an exclusive sense of both urgency and restraint, Tale Of Us takes ample time to carefully pace both the dance floor. Quivering keys, mesmerizing percussion, and haunting chords conjuring mystifying ambiance and suspense in a journey that can’t really be described.

It’s when everything seemed to come to an end that forces merge and the duo became a trio. Mixing Solomun’s emotional vibes with the eternal Tale Of Us’ melody, the trio breaks poetic and emotional boundaries bringing music from hemispheres away to collide.

00:00 and the grand finale with Tale of Us Edit of Enya’s ‘Boadicea’ concludes our odyssey through the realm of consciousness.

Social Music City

Located near the city center, Social Music City was a railway yard that has now been converted into a new social area. The big entrance, surrounded by a modern installment made by cubes and white sheets, anticipates the big main structure.

Four lines covered by light beams run along with the entire ceiling up to almost connecting on top of the Afterlife logo, clearly visible from every corner of the dancefloor. Supporting, other 20 light beams, 16 led bars top, located on two separate lines, and 5 high power lights create the front light effects with another array of lights on the bottom of the DJ booth. Everything was supported by a very wide led wall on the back.

Social Music City includes also a food stand and a huge number of bars (around eight), everything cleverly located to avoid any possible issue.

Tale Of Us around the world

The Italian duo is currently on tour with dates in French, Malta, UK, Belgium, and more. Afterlife party will return in a month from today, the 14 of June in Barcelona. The 27th Afterlife and Tale Of Us will start the summer residency at Hi Ibiza that will see them every Thursday on the Island.