Social Music City Milan to be used as emergency hub

The iconic Milan's event space will be now converted into an emergency hub to help fight the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Lombardy

Social Music City 2019 press pic
Social Music City 2019 press pic

After hosting hundreds of thousands of music lovers and international DJs from around the globe, iconic Milan’s venue Social Music City will be converted into an emergency hub to help fight the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Lombardy.

In such a serious moment for the whole world, Social Music City wants to make its contribution in this battle that involves all of us, aware of the indescribable effort to which all the people who work day and night in hospitals to save lives are subjected. Our eternal gratitude goes to them, a message that starts from Social but which I am sure all professionals of evening and night entertainment have in common. Ours is a sector made up of entrepreneurs and which contributes to creating jobs and an important supply chain. We have, in an emergency phase like this, to do our part. Social Music City will return with its music and DJs at the end of this emergency. – Riccardo Lai, General Manager of Social Music City

The whole Social Music City area will be used by Italy’s Civil Protection Agency and NGO Emergency to fight against the pandemic that hit the world in the last month. They’ll take care of the arrangements, use, and management of the site installing 36 rooms.

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