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This week on STMPD RCRDS: Matisse & Sadko, Blinders and Andrew Mathers

Welcome to another exciting week on STMPD RCRDS! This week, we have an electrifying lineup of tracks ready to shake up the electronic music scene.

Unveiling This Week’s Electrifying STMPD RCRDS Releases

Matisse & Sadko have teamed up with the talented James French to deliver “Pull Me Through The Fire,” a track that combines dark, melancholic vibes with an explosive club/festival-style drop.

Blinders is back with “Howling,” a follow-up to his chart-topping hit “Prayer,” featuring a unique vocal component created with AI technology.

Last but not least, Andrew Mathers makes his debut on STMPD RCRDS with “Back to the Oldskool,” a track that marks the birth of his fresh, filthy tech house sound.

Join us as we dive into the details of these incredible releases and get ready to dance the night away.

Matisse & Sadko & James French – Pull Me Through The Fire

Matisse and Sadko collaborated with the great James French on a new single titled “Pull Me Through The Fire.” This collaboration aims to light up dancefloors with its unique blend of dark, gloomy undertones with an exhilarating club/festival-style drop.

We received the dark, melancholic demo from James and immediately wanted to work on it. We added a clubby/festival style drop, and the track was supported by Martin Garrix at EDC Las Vegas and Nicky Romero later on. – Matisse & Sadko

This electric combination defies expectations by borrowing inspiration from Alternative Rock artists such as Korn and Radiohead. “Pull Me Through The Fire” is already making waves in the EDM field, garnering high praise and support from some of the industry’s most prominent figures. This music is poised to become a festival song because to its addictive energy and creative sound.

Blinders – Howling

Following the chart-topping success of Blinders’ “Prayer,” the multi-talented musician returns with an exciting follow-up, “Howling.” Blinders once again demonstrates his extraordinary abilities by creating the entire tune – from the beat and lyrics to his own vocals and images.

One noteworthy part of “Howling” is its vocal component, in which Blinders used AI technology to generate a distinct vocal timbre. He created a novel auditory experience by combining his voice with AI-generated tones, which sets “Howling” separate from the rest.

Like its predecessor, “Prayer,” “Howling” keeps Blinders’ unique combination of bass house and techno influences. This genre mash-up has become synonymous with Blinders’ particular sound, which continues to push the frontiers of electronic dance music, generating a sound that is both captivating and pioneering.

Andrew Mathers – Back To The Oldskool

The anticipation for Andrew Mathers’ maiden release on STMPD RCRDS has reached fever pitch. This powerful track, titled “Back to the Oldskool,” also marks the debut of Mather’s new, filthy tech house sound.

After being a resident at the 360 in Val Thorens, I felt it was time to create some new music. After years in the Latin Tech House scene, I was eager to craft a new sound that would perfectly fit peak times. The crowd going nuts on peak time Tech House was the main inspiration for this new sound. – Andrew Mathers

“Back to the Oldskool” is more than simply a song; it’s the statement of a new brand and sound in the world of electronic dance music. Mathers’ enthusiasm and ingenuity shine through in every beat, making it an unstoppable anthem for fans of electronic music.

“Back to the Oldskool” is only the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Mather’s musical career.