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How to watch Martin Garrix ANIMA presents THE ETHER live stream Amsterdam RAI

For the ones who won't make it, Gabe Fraboni answering on a comment on Instagram comments that the event will be live-streamed.

The massive new Martin Garrix show, ANIMA presents THE ETHER at Amsterdam RAI for the annual ADE, will be live-streamed according to Gabe Fraboni, lights designer for Martin Garrix.

6 days since one of the biggest events during Amsterdam Dance Event. Martin Garrix show at Amsterdam RAI on Friday night has become over the years an ADE institution. The production brought to life for Garrix’ 2.5-hour performance is one of the most technological advances in the industry.

This year, Martin Garrix and the team will present THE ETHER, an evolution of this year ANIMA show brought on tour worldwide. Everything is still shrouded in mystery but, from the first pics shared by Martin himself, it seems that this new show will feature a sort of moving light effects on the ceiling. As usual, the stage will massive and it will cover almost the whole short side of Amsterdam RAI. This new “THE ETHER” addition to the show will surely bring a tridimensional feeling bringing music, visuals, and lights to collide for a once in a lifetime experience.

Martin Garrix The Ether live stream amsterdam rai

For the ones who won’t make it, Gabe Fraboni answering on a comment on Instagram comments that the event will be live-streamed. At the moment there is no information on which platform and if Martin Garrix set will be completely live steamed or only a few sequences.

Anyway, tickets are selling fast and the event is near to the sold out. The schedule for the night is already out and will see Martin Garrix play a 2.5-hour set, spacing from his classic tune to almost techno-music. Loopers, Matisse & Sadko and Dyro will complete the lineup of the night.

Be sure to check Martin Garrix and STMPD social to be able to join Martin Garrix Amsterdam RAI ANIMA presents THE ETHER Livestream. Below you can find last year’s massive show. Tickets here.

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