Mosley Jr reveal their debut album ‘Lonestar Retreat’

A mesmerizing and sophisticated 10-track listening experience

Mosley Jr
Mosley Jr

Mosley Jr., a Belgian electronic band, has just unveiled their debut album, titled “Lonestar Retreat,” which was published on CORE Records.

Following the successful release of two extended plays (EPs), Mosley Jr. is now back with their highly awaited debut album, which captivates all senses and acts as a sound escape to a more creative reality.

It also serves as a place to visit, both in your imagination and in real life, when you are in need of solitude and peace of mind.

Lonestar Retreat” is currently available on all digital distribution platforms.

Mosley Jr. and their Lonestar Retreat album

Listeners are hypnotized by a sound that flickers between electronic and experimental, and Mosley Jr. has created a sound that does this, transporting them to a realm of heightened creativity and tranquility.

Mosley Jr. is loved for their warm and meticulously crafted minimal deep music. It is a brilliantly orchestrated treasure that can be listened to on a warm summer night or danced to in a dark and comfortable club.

The instrumentals in ‘Lonestar Retreat’ are delicate, yet robust and funky, and they guide you into a hypnotic and sophisticated listening experience.

Niels Blondeel, better known by his stage name AMyn, and Ijsbrand De Wilde, a member of Stavroz, make up the duo known as Mosley Jr.Mosley Jr. is generating sounds that are unsettling, vague, and unpolished, all of which are constructed with care and precision.

In doing so, they are pushing the boundaries of electronic music and carving out a distinct, inventive place for themselves within the genre.

The duo gave a performance at Brussels’ CORE Festival at the end of May, trying out some of the new rhythms from ‘Lonestar Retreat’ amidst the raw beauty of the natural environs of Europe’s capital city, and they will also be playing at Belgium’s greenest festival Paradise City on July 2.