Ukrainian artist Lugovskiy ignites hope with ‘Ur L3ve’

A dazzling single that is filled with optimism and fortitude.


In the midst of suffering, Lugovskiy releases ‘Ur l3ve‘ (Your Love), a dazzling tune imbued with optimism and resilience, today on CORE Records. This tune bursts with an indomitable passion, crafted during times of no heat, water, or electricity owing to Russia’s attacks in Ukraine’s capital.

Ur L3ve‘ is now available on all platforms.

Ur l3ve‘ draws you in with its lively, danceable vibe. The hi-hats continue to beat in time, creating a sweeping groove that invites listeners to the dance floor.

The electrifying undertones and rapid progressions capture the spirit of Lugovskiy’s personality – his capacity to find joy even in the most gloomy circumstances.

I’m not sure why this song is so powerful and upbeat. Maybe because of my personality – Lugovskiy

It demonstrates the power of music, and its ability to bring solace, awaken passions, and unite people around a common beat. ‘Ur l3ve’ is a symbol of Lugovskiy’s tenacity, supporting positivism and simplicity even in the face of adversity.

Sasha Lugovskiy‘ was born and raised in Luhansk, Ukraine, and now resides in Kiyv. Lugovskiy appreciates progress and change. His music is dynamic and keeps the scene in Ukraine’s capital moving during this volatile period. Lugovskiy, together with fellow producers and collaborators Chocollab and Rushkeys, intends to revitalize the underground house music culture in his chosen city Kiyv by organizing parties and holding club nights, as well as working with local musicians.