Diogo Strausz remixes ‘Mexe’ on CORE Records

Diogo Strausz has brilliantly remixed ‘Mexe’, originally crafted by Festa Tempestade. The fifth release of the upcoming ‘CORE VA: Brasil 23’ EP

CORE Records
CORE Records

São Paulo-based duo Festa Tempestade created ‘Mexe’, which Rio’s talented Diogo Strausz has remixed.

Festa Tempestade, led by Zé Ferraz and Guilherme Tieppo, blends 70s and 80s disco with Latin and Brazilian soul to create “Tropical Disco.” ‘Mexe’, a standout from their debut album, blends Clube da Esquina and Marcos Vale inspirations with contemplation and vivacity.

Diogo Strausz remix on CORE

Diogo Strausz, who has worked with renowned artists and worldwide labels like Razor-N-Tape, gives ‘Mexe’ a new spin.

His remix keeps the original’s heart while globalizing it. CORE Records‘ ‘Mexe’ combines São Paulo’s vibes with Rio’s rhythm, reimagining Brazilian music for a global audience.

The Diogo Strausz remix of ‘Mexe’ is available on all platforms.

CORE VA: Brasil 23

CORE Records releases ‘CORE VA: Brasil 23’, a 6-track EP featuring Brazil’s most progressive producers, to celebrate Tomorrowland’s return to Brazil on October 12-14. Each of the six tracks on this album celebrates genre-mixing music by Brazilian artists who have performed at CORE globally or resonate with CORE. CORE Records’ philosophy of supporting and showcasing local talent is reflected in the CORE Various Artist EP, which will be heard at CORE stages and events worldwide.

CORE Records rebrands their Various Artist EP. Cymatics, the study of visible sound vibrations, inspired the label to turn each track’s soundwaves into three-dimensional shapes. Each track now proudly sport its own shape, representing its unique sound. This creative method highlights each song’s uniqueness while unifying them under CORE Records.